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Ten Steps to Become Successfully Self-Published

When a writer gets the initial idea that their work is valuable enough to see the light of day and deserves public attention, that...

Adventures in Self-Publishing: The Miraculous & Unexpected Venture of Poet Aaron Ozee

OPINION: When I was just a child, I always loved reading story books with big pictures and large words that really caught my attention and made me think about the amount of creativity it took to compose such brilliant and unique characters and scenery I consistently witnessed after turning each page from the beginning until the very end.

Adventures in Self-Publishing: Radio Interviews and Broadcasting Tips

Being published in a newspaper is a fantastic way to reach your readers, both locally and state/nationwide, but never can it be compared to...

Adventures in Self-Publishing: Celebrity Endorsements for Book Authors

If you are looking to acquire an endorsement for your book from prolific authors such as Stephen King, James Patterson, or E.L. James, you can cease your efforts immediately, for that fantasy will never come true. The mandatory requirements that must be met in order to simply place your book before a celebrity are so astronomically vast to the average author, but to those who are wealthy, inviting Stephenie Meyer over for dinner isn't an issue.

Adventures in Self-Publishing: Social Media and Crowdsourcing Feedback from Your Peers

You may acquire a chance to compose a work of beauty and release it into marketplaces around the world, making it available to people whom of which have never seen the likes of your work ever before, but how exactly are going to promote this event?

Adventures in Self-Publishing: On Audiobook Production

Developing an audiobook for your book is more difficult than it may initially come across, for if it should be compared to any other process, I would most certainly have to say that it’s like filming a movie. The various stages in which must be completed in order to completely and successfully compose a single audiobook require immense amounts of time and patience.

Whilly Bermudez talks about his new illustrated children’s book ‘WB & The 10 Good Things’

Whilly Bermudez is a public speaker, motivator, and author. Recently he completed and announced a new illustrated children's book, "WB & The 10 Good...

Adventures in Self-Publishing: Teen Poet Aaron Ozee on His Experiences with Publishing His First Works

Over the past five years as a published author, I have been able to establish many useful connections in the self-publishing industry, as well as figure out exactly what it takes to be a successful and renowned self-published author.

Waking up to the iPad Wi-Fi+3G – Part Two

COLUMN: It's now day two as an iPad cult member and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Today I managed to try out a...

Waking up to the iPad Wi-Fi+3G – Part One

Publishers Newswire COLUMN: I pre-ordered my new Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G, and so it arrived yesterday afternoon (Friday). But, being busy this...

Apple Unveils the new iPad – the 21st Century Mac, iBook Reader, and Portable Playground

Publishers Newswire COLUMN: Well, it's finally here. I can stop holding my breath, crossing my toes, and praying to the mighty Mr. Jobs that...

Spoiled Foodies: Conde Nast to toss Gourmet out with the dinner scraps

COLUMN: Well, in another sign the apocalypse is here, or perhaps 2012 is real (have you seen the trailer for the 2012 movie ......

The Present and Future of e-Books

For this "roundtable" we're discussing the future of e-books (electronic books). The question posited to our panel is this: "Do you think e-books will...

The Benefits of Media Coaching for Book Authors

Media Coaching is the practice of helping someone become comfortable with dealing with the media, whether it's a phone interview, on-air appearance, or talk...

Interview: Richard Samson, Author of ‘Mind Over Technology’

An interview with Richard Samson, consultant, expert on mental skills, human effectiveness and user interfaces, and author of "Mind Over Technology, Coming Out on...

Interview: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

An informal interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner, human rights activist and world renowned author and lecturer Archbishop Desmond Tutu -- who shares a...

Using PR to Market Your Book – How to Write a Press Release

One of the most cost-effective ways to "get the word out" about your new product or service is to use a press release. Basically,...

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