About Publishers Newswire

About Publishers Newswire

Publishers Newswire™ (PNW) is an online magazine started in 2004, covering the world of publishing; from books, comics, e-books, music, and software, to blogs, podcasts, websites and more. PNW is a publication of Neotrope® Entertainment, based in Redondo Beach / Torrance, Calif., USA, and was established January of 1983.

It was founded by author and journalist Christopher Laird Simmons, who has been a working journalist since 1984, and his first self-published book in 1981 was featured in Playboy magazine in 1982.

We have a professional editorial staff which includes veteran journalists with more than 20 years of writing expertise apiece, public relations pros, and creative types of all kinds on our team (visit our Staff page for more information on who we are! [staff page is being redone – stand by!]).

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope you will find our articles, news, rants, and insights of some interest. Be sure to “subcribe” to our RSS feed, or bookmark us to find us again later.

Publishers Newswire™ is a trademark of Neotrope – all rights reserved. Neotrope is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries.