Doug Lapins’ new book, “SWEET SUCCESS: A Journey of Change and Challenge” (ISBN 978-0-9905995-0-0; paper; Foursome Press) chronicles the changes, challenges, and guiding principles of a thirty year stellar corporate career. “SWEET SUCCESS” also tells the history of a then-new product, high-fructose corn syrup, with the “inside story” of how, over time, a money-saving and seemingly harmless new sweetener became a controversial product.

Lapins navigates trouble and triumph alike with the same straight talk, ethical standards, and timeless principles that guided him in business and in life. On the front lines of business, Doug offers wisdom and leadership as he led organizations through crises, changing markets, and unpredictable business climates while building strong, responsive and involved teams, always sustaining a long-term vision.

High-fructose corn syrup, a changing sugar industry, and practical leadership methods weave an absorbing tale of business, family, social responsibility, and commitment in this important business memoir.

Doug calls his guiding principles his “Lessons Learned” in “SWEET SUCCESS.” “Along the way I discovered that management is a craft. I worked at my craft just as one might study to be become a master electrician, or a talented fly fisherman.” He offers insights and down-to-earth examples of how to cultivate teamwork and growth while always retaining his “can-do” attitude.

“I wanted to share my real-life experiences of how organizations develop and deal with changing business environments.” This is a must-read for anyone on their own personal journey of self-improvement.

About the Author Doug Lapins:

Doug Lapins is a retired executive in the sweetener industry. His career began on the plant floor and he rose to CEO of Western Sugar Company and of A.E. Staley, a billion dollar per year corn processing company. After thirty one years in business and seven years as a CEO, he left corporate life and took his management skills to a new venue as a volunteer management consultant for overseas companies in Eastern Europe and South America where he helped struggling companies build strong management teams and develop solid business practices. He is now retired and lives in Pinehurst, North Carolina with his wife, Ginny.

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