Rebecca House Publishing and To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc. recently released “Jeremy and the Crow Nation” (ISBN 978-0945522058) by Tatiana Strelkoff. “Jeremy” is the second book in “The Changer Trilogy.”

Jeremy and the Crow Nation
A book for young adults, “Jeremy and the Crow Nation” offers “enduring native wisdom” that informs our youth about moral quandaries of how to respond to animal abuse and experimentation.

“Jeremy and The Crow Nation” has a contemporary message with both its thought provoking references to Native American insight and an introspective life message for young adults.

“We can all be Changers in our hearts through empathy, and manifest it in our words, our art and our deeds,” says Strelkoff.

The book is a compelling tale of three young teens’ quest to save animals used for test purposes. Jeremy picks up on the main character, now a boy of 16 years of age, from “The Changer” and asks how a teenager who had Jeremy’s gift to change into any animal should act in response to animal cruelty.

Title: “Jeremy and The Crow Nation.”
Author: Tatiana Strelkoff.
Cover Design and Illustration: Palina Piakarskaya.
Category: Young Adult Fiction.
Pages: 172.
Price: $12.95.
Format: Trade paperback, ISBN 978-0-945522-05-8.