author-artist Daniel Leske

Daniel Leske, with a degree in physics, is the author and illustrator of the new book trilogy, “The Joy of Heaven” (ISBN: 978-1597553759; Book 1), an “inspirational series of creatively illustrated books that are filled with words and images of how heaven was revealed to him by God.”

“It may be difficult for some to believe, but I was walking around my house when I felt as if heaven was calling me,” Leske says. “In essence, the Lord opened the door into heaven and this story was born.”

The main characters, Felicia and Wee Angel, are youthful, but the books are in no way specifically targeted to kids. They were written and illustrated to captivate and inspire readers of all ages.

“It’s my desire that my words and illustrations will help readers to develop their own personal images of what heaven looks like,” he says.

According to the author, the “books build on each other and are meant to be read together. Each one leaves the reader wanting more.”

The first sets the stage for what is happening in heaven and books two and three work to build on that initial foundation. Each book goes into more detail about things such as the interiors of heaven’s mansions, God’s Holy City, golden archways, gateways and more.

Sir William, a white-winged horse, travels with Felicia and Wee Angel from place to place and adds to the celestial nature of the books. Together, the characters discover amazing prayer areas, beautiful open spaces and so much more.

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About the author:
Daniel Leske graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris with a degree in Physics. He co-authored “The Author’s Name Isn’t There,” with his dear friend, Bernadette Sanders. He is also an artist and has completed three oil paintings on the cup that Jesus drank from in Gethsemane as well as other religious art works. He is a Minnesota native and currently calls the state home.

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The Joy of Heaven 1 Paperback
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