SPOC SHOW RECAP – DAY TWO: The second day (May 13) of SPOC was chock full of helpful ideas for promoting your book to the world. If you joined us, you listened to some big names in the writing and publishing world. Here are a few gems from what they shared, an outline of day three (May 14) – “Build Your Empire Day” – plus, in case you missed a call, how you can get the audio downloads, CDs plus other must-have items for the soon-to-be author.

Thursday was Promotion Day, and we heard from some big names in the field.

Here’s is a recap of their presentations & a few golden “quote gems.”

** Keynote: Fern Reiss – How Self-Publishers Can Thrive in Today’s Publishing Climate
Fern explained five major trends that are shaking up the book publishing world and how you can take advantage of them. Quote gem: “The shelf life of books will get longer. Search engine optimization is about to become the great equalizer.”

** MJ Rose – Buzz Your Book
Brainstorming session where MJ offered up creative marketing ideas for five different books. Quote gem: “Send messages to blogs you want to tour incrementally, so you can test and tweak the message’s effectiveness.”

** John Kremer – Book Promotion 101: The Secrets to Book Marketing Success
John outlined key book marketing fundamentals that lead to marketing success and strategies authors can use no matter how much money or experience they have. Quote gem: “Traffic-wise, the typical first-time author website is like a lemonade stand on a lonely highway in Nevada.”

** Kate Bandos – DIY Book Promotion
Kate describes ways to get publicity and promotion for your book so people find out it exists. Quote gem: “The first thing you need is a good book. Good content. Good packaging. Publicity can’t save a bad book.”

** Penny Sansevieri – Red Hot Internet Publicity
Penny explained how authors can leverage online marketing and social media to get attention about their books. Quote gem: “What moves the needle on book sales is getting exposure in the places your target readers are online.”


“I’m amazed at the amount of specific information you’re giving away, not only through the seminars, but also through the discussion board.”

You Can Still Get Involved
Did you miss the calls? (And other quote gems?) There are two options available so you can hear the self-publishing wisdom and how-tos from Fern Reiss, MJ Rose, John Kremer, Kate Bandos, and Penny Sansevieri plus the other 10 presentations from the conference.

To get the audio downloads or CDs just go to and click the Register link at the top of the page.

To upgrade your (free) Basic Pass to a Standard or Premium pass, just select the kind of pass you want and go through the registration process again, requesting a different login user name.

If you have upgraded, make sure to log in with your NEW username to get access to the downloads. Note that you do not need to “activate” the new account (the system does that automatically).

FINAL DAY: Friday is Build Your Empire Day and featured speakers include:

Friday May 14, 2010 (All times PACIFIC)

8 AM – Keynote: Mark Victor Hansen – How to Become a Wealthy Writer
10 AM – Peter Bowerman – Build Your Own Well Fed Empire

11:30 am – 12:15 pm – Promotion Roundtable Q&A

1 PM – William Patterson – How to Turn Your Product Line into a Fortune
3 PM – Janet Goldstein – The Platform Manifesto for Authorpreneurs: Grow Your Visibility and Tribe to Grow Your Sales, Success, and Satisfaction
5 PM – Peter Winick – Develop and Execute a Strategy to Monetize Your Platform

You can listen in for free during the conference, get handouts (for those presentations that have them), and access our Exhibit Hall for more great self-publishing information.

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