SPOC SHOW RECAP – DAY THREE (FINAL DAY): The third and final day of SPOC 2010 (May 14) focused on turning your book into a business with a complete product line. If you joined us, you listened to some big names in the writing and publishing world. Although obviously it’s a huge amount of work, one of the benefits of putting on SPOC is that we get to listen and learn from these amazing publishing experts. I hope you enjoyed the information they shared as much as we did and can use it to move forward with your publishing dreams.

Here are a few gems from what they shared, and in case you missed a call, how you can get the audio downloads or CDs.

Build Your Empire Recap & Gems
Today was Build Your Empire Day. Here’s is a recap of the presentations & a few golden “quote gems.”

** Keynote: Mark Victor Hansen – How to Become a Wealthy Writer
Mark shares how you can transform your mindset and actions to earn more money from your writing. Quote gem: “You can’t just niche, you must microniche. Find a little known fact no one knows. Then 90% of making a book a success is marketing, hustling, and selling.”

** Peter Bowerman – Build Your Own “Well Fed” Empire
Peter explained how he has created multiple spin-off products to turn one book into a full-time living. Quote gem: “Focus on content before cash. Your success starts with a fundamental respect for your potential customers.”

** William Patterson – How to Turn Your Product Line into a Fortune
William shared information on developing a product line, including how to get started, what products to sell, how to package your offerings for maximum profit, and the best places and strategies for marketing your products online and offline. Quote gem: “To create new products, ask what are the things people need to do before, during, and after they use the information in my book.”

** Janet Goldstein – The Platform Manifesto for Authorpreneurs
Janet showed how you can grow your visibility and tribe to grow your sales, success, and satisfaction. Quote gem: “Every author is a publisher in the new world of publishing and platform, no matter which publishing pathway you take. The platform is the golden floor that doesn’t go away.”

** Peter Winick – Develop and Execute a Strategy to Monetize Your Platform
Peter explained how you can clarify your platform and understand exactly which market you should focus on, so you can create a custom-tailored plan to meet your goals. Quote gem: “Your book is just one SKU on the shelf of you.”

“WOW! I’ve got writer’s cramp but am EXTREMELY happy with all of the information.”

Did you miss the calls? (And other quote gems?)

There are two options available so you can hear the self-publishing wisdom and how-tos from Mark Victor Hansen, Peter Bowerman, William Patterson, Janet Goldstein, and Peter Winick plus the other 10 presentations from the conference.

To get the audio downloads or CDs just go to and click the Register link at the top of the page.

We will be leaving the SPOC log-in available through May 23, 2010, so people can download audios and browse the exhibit hall for a while longer.

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