SPOC SHOW RECAP – DAY ONE: The first day (May 12th) of SPOC was a whirlwind of information. If you joined us, you listened to some big names in the writing and publishing world. Here are a few gems from what they shared, a brief run-down of what’s coming today on Promotion Day. Event is taking place May 12-14, 2010 and you can still participate.

Writing and Publishing Day Recap & Gems
Wednesday was Writing and Publishing Day, and we heard from some big names in the field. Here’s is a recap of their presentations & a few golden “quote gems.”

** Dan Poynter – Self-Publishing Past, Present, and Future
A discussion about changes in the book publishing world and how they affect you. Quote gem: “There is no cookie-cutter answer on the best way to publish. Don’t stop learning.”

** Marcia Yudkin – Writing Without Angst
Marcia explained how to complete your book manuscript painlessly by following your natural tendencies. Quote gem: (On writing.) “If it works, don’t fight it — use it!”

** Susan Daffron & James H. Byrd – Finish Your Book the “Publishize” Way
Susan & James explained how they have published their 10 books using a combination of print-on-demand printing and low-cost online book marketing tactic. Quote gem: “With our 10 books, instead of making .50 as we would if we traditionally published, we make more than half the cover price. And we do not use a subsidy press, largely because if you do, it kills your profit margin.”

** Mark Levine – How to Avoid Publishing Pitfalls
Mark discussed how to sidestep common self-publishing pitfalls and recognize predatory tactics used by subsidy presses. Quote gem: “Books don’t sell themselves; you have to get out there and hustle.”

** Hobie Hobart – From Book Cover to Blockbuster Brand
Hobie discussed how choosing the right cover can launch your business. Quote gem: “With a powerful brand, you can actively shape your clients’ and your prospects’ perception of you and quickly move ahead of your competition.”

Great Presentation and information! I am VERY pleased with all the presenters and them giving great tips, resources and content on all of the calls. AWESOME CONFERENCE!

You Can Still Get Involved
Did you miss the calls? (And other quote gems?) There are two options available so you can hear the self-publishing wisdom and how-tos from Dan Poynter, Marcia Yudkin, Susan Daffron & James H. Byrd, Mark Levine, and Hobie Hobart plus the other 10 presentations from the conference.

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SPOC Talk For TODAY – MAY 13 – Promotion Day!

Thursday is Promotion Day and featured speakers include:

(All times PACIFIC)

8 AM – Keynote: Fern Reiss – How Self-Publishers Can Thrive in Today’s Publishing Climate
10 AM – MJ Rose – Buzz Your Book

11:30 am – 12:15 pm – Promotion Roundtable Q&A

1 PM – John Kremer – Book Promotion 101: The Secrets to Book Marketing Success
3 PM – Kate Bandos – DIY Book Promotion
5 PM – Penny Sansevieri – Red Hot Internet Publicity: How to Leverage Social Media for Profit

You can listen in for free during the conference, get handouts (for those presentations that have them), and access our Exhibit Hall for more great self-publishing information.

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