The Reflection of Innocence

“The Reflection of Innocence” (ISBN: 978-0692646526), by John Tolliver, is a story that centers on a Navy misfit with the ability to see inside people’s souls. Gift or curse? The reader will have to decide. “Seeing other people’s memories is not all fun and games,” Tolliver says. “While reliving the memories of a dreamer or a theologian might be a fascinating gift, a peek into the mind of a despot or psychopath can be horrific.”

Told in the first person, the main character, John Calabrace, was never an ordinary child. While he grew up in ordinary circumstances, he possessed this extraordinary ability. A simple brush of the shoulder or light handshake quickly jolts John into a visual frenzy of emotions and memories that are not his own.

In an effort to escape the madness, he joins the Navy. The presence of an old nemesis causes him to seek refuge as a submariner. He quickly adjusts to life on the ocean’s floor and finally begins to feel safe. Just as he settles in, his gift is discovered and he is asked to return to the surface where his gift is used to serve his country.

Set in the 1980s, this pulsing pounding, adventure thriller now takes this hero from undersea to dangerous ground in Egypt, Yugoslavia and El Salvador. The question is, will the spinning moral compass of this brave, but tortured soul get him home alive?

Readers give it positive reviews and descriptions range from “fast-paced and suspenseful” to “interesting and captivating.”

“The Reflection of Innocence” is available at Amazon, and iBooks.

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John Tolliver spent six years working on submarines in the Navy. This experience was followed by a 30+ year career in the nuclear chemistry field. Today, he spends his time volunteering as a mediator and arbitrator in the New York courts and works in animal rescue. He is a New York native and lives in the Hudson Valley region of the state. His 20-year hobby of buying and selling gemstones has provided him with the opportunity to travel the globe and meet some of interesting people along the way. “The Reflection of Innocence” is his debut novel.


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