The Remembered Self
Author M.J. Payne this week announced her new novel, based on real life events, “The Remembered Self: A Journey Into the Heart of the Beast” (ISBN: 978-1457529214; paperback). According to the author, the book “depicts the vicious world of sex trafficking of children, the emotional damage and physical experience of forced intimacy in a violent setting from the victim’s point of view.” Written in novel form with “animal comforters” it shows a child’s response, repression of experiences and eventual therapeutic intervention as an adult when the floodgates of suppressed memory overflow.

“I never thought I would share this story with a living soul,” says Payne. “It has been a secret for so long – even from myself. The memories were like a wet bar of soap gripped tightly that jets out of hand in the shower. It turns out that slippery secrets have a life of their own.”

Based on a true story that begins in rural Northern California, a small girl grapples with a psychopathic father who abuses her himself and traffics her to a pedophile ring centered in a mansion riddled with secret rooms. The father participates in punishment rituals aimed at non-paying clients and lives on the funds generated from this and from trafficking his daughter.

The child’s mother works at night and is unaware of what is happening to her daughter but knows her husband is dangerous. She and her child flee to Los Angeles, chased by the father. As the girl matures into adulthood, she is overcome with the buried memories as they emerge scene by scene into consciousness and she fights for her life.

The gritty, terrifying healing process is graphically outlined. The book deals personally with child abuse.

About the Author:
M.J. Payne is a graduate of the University of Kentucky Honors Program and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She is interested in human rights, literature, and history, and has a business background. She is a published research writer and lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her husband and Dobermans.

Now available direct from the author and on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback editions. For more information or to purchase “The Remembered Self” please visit: .

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