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Award-winning educator and writer Eric A. Combs, recently announced his ambitious and eye-opening book, “Mission Critical” (ISBN: 978-1940876061), a non-fiction title encompassing his thoughts and experiences of the American public school system. Published by Foxhead Books, Mission Critical touches on many facets of the public education system in the United States. Combs bluntly states his frustrations with public schooling and what is and isn’t working. In the book, Combs uses his own personal experiences to tell of successes and failures.

What makes this book so unique is Combs’ ability to share his experience of being a USAF Senior Master Sergeant and explain how it shapes and relates to his work within the realm of education.

In “Mission Critical” Combs solutions for a dangerously broken American public school system barely held together by hard-working teachers, parents and administrators. First as a Senior Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and then as a teacher and school administrator, Combs discovered that much of what he learned serving in the military translated into very real instructional methods and tactics within the classroom.

The difficulties Combs faced during his time in the USAF not only prepared him for his challenging career as an educator in public schools but also gave him an unique perspective that many aren’t equipped to carry.

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