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Whilly Bermudez is a public speaker, motivator, and author. Recently he completed and announced a new illustrated children’s book, “WB & The 10 Good Things” (ISBN: 978-0985579500). This illustrated book is for children ages 5-8. It relates the heartwarming story of WB, the protagonist who learns a valuable lesson: the best kind of life is one spent in recognition of the significance of others.

I spoke with Whilly briefly about his new book, and what inspired him to create it.

Chris: Hi, Whilly, thanks for taking a couple of minutes to talk about your new book. First, what led you to write the book specifically?

Whilly: I was pondering on the best way to reach children before the chaos of the world starts to come through. So I started to research children’s books and found that the large majority of them are just mindless entertainment with no life value at all. So I felt that more life valuable books need to be written, so I did.

Chris: what are you hoping kids will learn from reading it?

Whilly: I’m hoping that they fall in love with the character because of his deeds and his treatment of others. I’m hoping that they get to that place where they remember the stories and they feel inspired to do good deeds for others.

Chris: I quite like the illustrations, who did them?

Whilly: The Illustrations were done by a friend in Manila named Somer.

Chris: Thanks Whilly, best of success with the new book.

About the Book:

WB & THE 10 GOOD THINGSIn the new book, according to the author, “WB is the stereotypical little fella, oblivious to the moral opportunities that abound all around him. Once he puts on the sweater his grandfather gave him, presto – he is a superhero with the ability to fully understand the good in everyone, and how doing right should be done just for its own sake.”

In this world where people show contempt for superheroes of compassion, WB must make the decision to not be influenced by the negativity of others, as the kids at school make fun of him. His lesson is learned when the magical sweater is damaged, and he fears he has lost his superhero powers, only to learn that the sweater really had no magical powers, that the magic came from within.

Complete information about the new book is available at:

About the Author:

The creator and face behind “WB” the child character is Whilly Bermudez. An American marketing entrepreneur and philanthropist who is affectionately known as “the WB.” Whilly has been one of the best-known marketers in South Florida and one of the most recognizable names in the industry. He has developed business concepts for clients since 1997, has produced over 1,000 events and live shows, and has received acclaim as one of the leading social media marketers.

Bermudez is the founder of Ignite Social Help, a global movement set in motion to help heal and inspire others in the world through the broadcast of inspirational posts and updates via social media. A novel approach to spreading hope and understanding.

Having written two children’s books, “WB and The 10 Good Things” and “WB and The Ring of Power,” Whilly aims to instill and encourage positive living in young children ages and young people all over the world.

Photo caption (large image): Whilly Bermudez reading “WB & The 10 Good Things” to his nephew Brandon. Image is © Mr. Bermudez.

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