CLEVELAND, Ohio /Publishers Newswire/ — In response to client needs, Visual Evidence / E-Discovery today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Global Legal Discovery. Visual Evidence / E-Discovery (VE), headquartered in Cleveland, finalized their partnership with Global Legal Discovery (GLD), based in Atlanta, on January 30, 2009. GLD will now be the sales agent for VE in Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.

visual evidenceVE and GLD have similar missions: to serve clients in the legal sector by offering E-discovery services. Both companies are poised to benefit. VE will now have access to GLD’s impressive client roster; and GLD’s clients will enjoy VE’s best-in-class technology and state-of-the-art E-discovery solutions.

“The partnership was a natural one,” Manfred W. Troibner, principal and Director of Marketing for Visual Evidence / E-Discovery, says. “We expect that GLD’s national business relationships will enhance our exposure and broaden our customer base.”

GLD displays a similar enthusiasm for the partnership.

“E-discovery is the future,” Manny Kaloyannides, president of Global Legal Discovery, says. “VE’s proprietary tools range from networking and harvesting to web-enabled review platforms and forensic collection and processing; they will deliver unmatched value and quality to our clients.”

About Visual Evidence/E-Discovery

Visual Evidence / E-Discovery ( is an owner-operated, tier-one entity that was created to provide law-sector clients with electronic-discovery services. Their facility houses the Forensic Center, Imaging Center, application development staff, a trial services department, and a sales and management department. The majority of their clients are large law firms and corporate legal departments. Their client base extends to more than 3,000 firms and individual litigators.

About Global Legal Discovery

Global Legal Discovery is an owner-operated provider of document imaging and E-discovery services. While Global Legal Discovery is a fairly new company that was founded in 2008, its principals and management have a long and successful history of providing unparalleled customer service to law firms and corporate law departments.