LUBBOCK, Texas /Publishers Newswire/ — TimeForge, a best-of-breed online labor management solution for the hospitality and retail industries announced its certification with Dinerware, a leading developer of restaurant Point Of Sale (POS) systems. This move continues a key Dinerware objective, allowing customers to choose from many excellent products that interoperate with the Dinerware POS platform.

timeforge saas“The Virtual Client in Dinerware version 2.8.2 enables third-party product integrations that allow restaurateurs to select specific functionalities for their business models and plans for growth,” said Jeff Riley, Dinerware CEO. “We are excited about our certification of TimeForge which enables restaurateurs to easily manage labor and scheduling.”

TimeForge’s online system is designed from the ground up to reduce labor costs by 3 percent – 5 percent and to keep staff members happy. Managers build labor schedules quickly with the TimeForge AutoScheduler(TM) – an automatic learning tool that builds schedules in seconds. Schedules are compared to actual costs and forecasts, providing a single solution to manage labor costs.

“Dinerware’s intense focus on the core POS system makes it one of the best systems available for the hospitality industry,” said Anthony Presley, co-founder of TimeForge. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to providing customers with the best solutions available in the industry.”

Employees receive text and email messages about upcoming shifts, and access the TimeForge employee portal to swap shifts, change availability, or view timecards. Information can also be accessed using Facebook, or a smartphone (such as an iPhone or Blackberry).

“I can make sure my labor is at 25-28 percent on a daily basis with the use of TimeForge. That makes a huge difference in this economy,” said Dinerware customer, Paul Friedman. “At Peli Peli, we are using a variety of integrated tools with our Dinerware POS system, and TimeForge makes communication and scheduling easy on management and the staff.”

The certification provides Dinerware customers with a complete labor management solution, including employee schedules, schedule enforcement, labor cost reductions, and real-time notifications for staff and management. Dinerware continues to expand its best-in-class POS platform to provide restaurateurs a host of offerings via Dinerware version 2.8.2.

About Dinerware

Dinerware provides restaurant POS systems to fine dining, nightclubs, fast casual, bars, counter service, QSR (quick serve), hotels, casinos, cafes, golf courses and wineries. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and sold worldwide, Dinerware provides intuitive systems for the hospitality industry. For a list of Dinerware certified solutions, or for a free trial download, visit or call (866) 346-3792.

About TimeForge

TimeForge helps businesses in the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries manage labor and build employee schedules while reducing turnover and improving profits. Used by businesses throughout the world, TimeForge is designed from the ground-up to simplify the complicated process of employee scheduling and labor management. For more information, visit or contact us at (866) 684-7191.