WASHINGTON, D.C. /Publishers Newswire/ — The Lessee Advocate, LLC, announced today that it has launched the first publication dedicated to helping corporate equipment lessees improve their financial performance and leasing operations. The first issue of The Lessee Advocate includes an in-depth video interview with Ingemar Lanevi, Treasurer of NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), and a detailed article about “How To Fix Poor End-of-term Performance.” There is no fee for subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

The Lessee Advocate“Our research is intended to serve finance, procurement, operations, and IT executives and the leasing professionals that serve them inside corporate lessees. Because they have many other responsibilities besides leasing, these busy executives do not have the time to develop and maintain expertise in the many dimensions of leasing, including lessor competition, structuring, operations, accounting, and portfolio management. We can help them succeed by putting practical know-how and best practices at their fingertips,” said Michael Keeler, Publisher.

“By comparison, a lessee’s counter-party — the lessor — is doing lease transactions every day. This results in an asymmetrical relationship. Part of our role is to help lessees self-educate to establish parity in leasing transactions. We want to enable all corporate lessees to engage lessors with a commensurate level of expertise and confidence.”

The video interview in the inaugural issue is presented as 10 video segments. In them, Mr. Lanevi, NetApp’s Treasurer, answers a wide range of questions that reveal the financial rationale and operational challenges behind the scenes in NetApp’s leasing program.

Keeler adds, “Lessees often face even greater challenges internally. Leasing is a complex, cross-functional, interdepartmental process. It is difficult to establish a leasing process for the first time, especially in decentralized corporate cultures. Scaling a leasing program and managing the leases, assets, internal stakeholders, and lessors throughout the lifecycle – especially at the end-of-term – is daunting for every company. It is our job to identify each incremental problem facing corporate lessees and discover practical solutions that have been deployed and tested by their peers.”

“There are many associations in the U.S. and around the world that focus on helping lessors. Now, for the first time, there is an advocate for lessees.”

The Lessee Advocate, LLC, is a research firm publishing practical information for corporate executives who want to improve their financial performance by improving their leasing operations. Our focus is on the community of corporate equipment lessees around the world. We publish interviews with Fortune 1000 lessee executives, white papers, articles, case studies, benchmark data, and how-to information.

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