RALEIGH, N.C. /Publishers Newswire/ — Ever needed to send something to a friend that you didn’t want someone snooping through your phone to be able to read? TextSafe by Ellis Vigeo allows the user to create messages by selecting one of 10 different encoding “ciphers” and send an encrypted message via email or by using the text message “copy and paste” feature. The receiver, with the right password, is able to decrypt the message and send messages back in the same or different code.

TextSafe iPhone AppTextSafe also allows the user to hear a Morse Code or Tap Code message as the message is opened. History and “How To’s” are included for each code and gives users a unique and “Text Safe” option for sending ordinary text messages.

Given the lack of privacy in today’s digital world, TextSafe provides a great foundation for privacy in personal electronic communications.

The company’s end goal is to make it easier for customers to enjoy private conversations among friends, family and anyone else that would appreciate an added level of privacy.

The project is now live and available on Apple’s App Store, and on

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