Award-winning American teen comic book author and publisher Jake Tinsley has taken on another tough subject for kids – both tweens and teens – bullying at school and at home. Again teaming with “Manga” artist Jason Dube, Tinsley’s character “Night Owl” takes wing to fight this “crime” that affects so many kids.

Coming soon from Wham Bang Comics (Aug. 2011 cover date), and available to order online and at selected comic dealers for $2.99, this new graphic novel speaks to kids from 9 to 19 on how to “be your own hero” when dealing with bullies.

In this new comic, “Night Owl: Bullies Deserve Justice,” by Jake Tinsley and Jason Dube, characters include: Night Owl (Zack Finley), “super-powered protector;” El Diablo (Shane de le vega), CIA terrorist hunter; Blue Blazer (identity unknown), a teleporting ally to El Diablo and Night Owl; and Little Diablo (Niko de la vega), El Diablo’s crime fighting son.

With a script by Tinsley, art by Dube, the rest of the creative team includes: guest artist Fred Hembeck, colors by Sean Salazar, story editor Sherman Powers, and assistant editor Shane Clendening.

Jake Tinsley has grown up writing indie comic books for Wham Bang Comics – eight comic books and 21 comic strips so far. As of this new publication, Jake, now age 17, has taken over as Wham Bang Comics’ publisher; he started the company with his father 4 years ago. And he also is still its main writer. “This is my life’s work,” Jake said. “Bullies Deserve Justice” came about after Jake was asked to write a comic book that took on this very serious subject.

Like the title suggests “…Bullies Deserve Justice,” the hero of the story is Jake’s trademark character Night Owl, a 12-year-old earth shaman with magic powers who is haunted by the murder of his grandfather. In the story, Night Owl must deal with a bully without hurting him or making a problematic situation worse.

Artist Jason Dube has worked with Jake as the company’s art director these past four years because he has always been impressed with Jake’s passion for comic books.

In addition to the premiere of his Bullies comic, Jake as publisher is also debuting the comic book “Genius” #1, written by renowned author and comic book writer Rachel Pollack with art by Wham Bang veteran Casey Columbus.

Copies of the brand new “Night Owl: Bullies Deserve Justice” and future copies of “Genius #1” can be purchased online from .

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