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New Book, The Easter Bunny That Grew Up, by Gretta Parker

WASHINGTON, D.C. /Publishers Newswire/ -- A new children's book, 'The Easter Bunny That Grew Up' (ISBN: 978-1468554960; paperback; AuthorHouse), by Gretta Parker with illustrations by Maya Tolliver, pays tribute to a little rabbit that captured the hearts of people around the world on Facebook and the contributions he made to rabbits in rescues and shelters.

New book, Children of the Realm, by W.L. James

BOULDER, Colo. /Publishers Newswire/ -- A new book, 'Children of the Realm: A Fledglings Novel' (ISBN: 978-1456748319; AuthorHouse Publishing; paperback), is the first novel by author W.L. James. According to the author, her fantasy/SF tale 'paints a fun, sassy and edgy story that depicts a realistic representation into the lives of today's youth.'

New Book: Cracking the Glass Darkly – In a Helter-Skelter World, There is a Way Out

WATERTOWN, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Have you ever watched yourself as you suffered? Perhaps hurting through jealousy, anger, fear, boredom, insecurity, stress or worry....

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