COLUMN: Well, in another sign the apocalypse is here, or perhaps 2012 is real (have you seen the trailer for the 2012 movie … wow), magazine publisher Conde Nast will be ceasing publication of numerous magazine titles, including the famous foodie rag, “Gourmet.” Conde Nast also said it was shuttering Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Cookie, a parenting magazine. Earlier this year it ended publication of Portfolio, a business magazine, and Domino, a home title. Conde Nast publication Bon Appetit will continue.

Gourmet has been a favorite of food lovers for 70 years, and apparently couldn’t keep the advertiser page count high enough. It’s unfortunate it’s yet another publication that couldn’t “speed up” a transition to the online publishing domain and implement social media, citizen journalism, and user generated content (a “food tube” type element to allow cooks to submit their own video, is one of the many things they SHOULD have had).

One report states that Gourmet’s book publishing will still continue, and the brand’s recipes will be found on the website. Savvy TV watchers may have noted the Epicurious app “featured” in some of Apple’s October 2009 commericials.

Gourmet’s editor, Ruth Reichl commented after the announcement was made via Twitter: “Thank you all SO much for this outpouring of support. It means a lot,” she wrote. “Sorry not to be posting now, but I’m packing. We’re all stunned, sad.”