PERRYSBURG, Ohio /Publishers Newswire/ — “The characters seem like real people and not fictional creations,” “You won’t want to put it down until you finish it – and then you will want more,” and “Wow, who is this author?” were first reactions to the debut novel “MAKE THE COUGAR PURR” (ISBN: 978-1452824543) on online bookstore sites such as, and Author Sonja Paris put her work into a fictional “skeleton”, yet its “vital organs” are in part based on autobiographic reflections of her own very turbulent life.

“Even though it’s not really my life depicted in ‘MAKE THE COUGAR PURR,’ it is pretty darn close to what I had to cope with since I became widowed in 2006. I put the story into fiction to be able to write frankly without putting a muzzle on. Whitewashing the content and the language would have felt like being untrue to myself and done my book characters no justice,” she continues.

Paris’ writing style combines all the five senses with raw sex and deep-felt emotions, described so vividly, as if watching a screenplay.

“MAKE THE COUGAR PURR” depicts the life of Hannah, a German woman in her forties in a small town in Ohio. Constantly betrayed by her husband, she drowns her sorrow in booze and spends his money freely, until he reveals to her that his last affair with a much younger woman is based on true love and not on pure lust. Driven by rage and desperate to find a new identity for herself, Hannah turns into a prancing cougar on the hunt and stumbles from one sexual escapade into another on her search for true love.

“Being married to a rock star like my late husband Johnny Paris (saxophonist and front man of the band Johnny and the Hurricanes) has shaped me in some form, and also, who the main characters in my book are. Nevertheless, even people in my immediate circle, who should really know me, were shocked by my book and its boldness. But then again – I love to shock,” Paris admits.

Sonja Paris’ next book, a biography of her late husband Johnny Paris, written in collaboration with her co-author Duane Thomas, a former guitarist of the famous instrumental rock and roll band Johnny and the Hurricanes, will hit the market at the end of this year published by Bank House Books out of the UK.

Released by CreateSpace, “MAKE THE COUGAR PURR,” is a 494-page trade paperback (ISBN-10: 1452824541, ISBN-13: 978-1452824543). It is available through, and other online bookstores.

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