Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, Nurse and Author Ashley Wynn-Grimes, RN, has announced the release of her new memoir, “Stigmatized: A hero’s Journey” (ISBN: 978-1637903476). The book highlights the stereotypes surrounding medical cannabis for patients within the cannabis community.

STIGMATIZED by author Ashley Wynn- Grimes, RN

Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, Nurse and Author Ashley Wynn-Grimes, RN, has announced the release of her new memoir, “Stigmatized: A hero’s Journey” (ISBN: 978-1637903476). The book highlights the stereotypes surrounding medical cannabis for patients within the cannabis community.

Creator of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, Maryland’s leading organization that advocates for holistic health practices and appropriate medical use, Wynn-Grimes’s memoir highlights the nurse’s experience of overcoming stigmas within the cannabis nursing community. The memoir also discusses the importance of access to medical cannabis for patients struggling with certain ailments such as pain and seizure disorders.

Native to the Baltimore community, Nurse Wynn-Grimes was inspired to write “Stigmatized: A Hero’s Journey” after realizing her story resonated with her students so deeply. She realized very early on there was a need to address the gap within the nursing community. For each of the nurses she worked with, the saying went “I do not feel like a hero.” As an educator for other nurses who aspire to build brands within the Cannabis industry, one recurring notion they felt was the stigma that follows cannabis patients.

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Wynn-Grimes writes how she hopes her book will help nurses remember their vitality to the medical community. Every person should know they are special, but nurses have a calling to heal. We have watered down the concept of what it means to be a hero. I wanted to bring it back to life through highlighting the archetypes that make it true.

As it relates to the. COVID-19 pandemic, Wynn-Grimes explained, “While most people were on lock down, nurses left their homes to care for other’s loved ones. Many of us were survivors and not the hero’s we are noted to be. It is time to reclaim our place in healthcare and begin to advocate for the patients we serve.”


Heroes aren’t born knowing they are a hero. Most stumble upon the magic within them when faced with a seemingly unsurmountable difficulty. Rather than view their superhuman ability as a tool of survival, they accept the challenge and use it to impact the world.

Nurses are undoubtedly heroes. Daily, nurses around the world withstand unhappiness, toxic environments, and sometimes unfair challenges. Many are so overwhelmed; they never do the work to change their circumstances. They focus on surviving and hope that one day, a knight in shining armor will come to their rescue. Their only failure is not realizing that they are the knight.

Author Ashley Wynn-Grimes found herself in the same survival cycle. In this memoir, she unveils the challenges she faced as a nurse, fighting to win in a ring where the rules had been rigged. She sheds light on her path to finding freedom through entrepreneurship and building a brand around cannabis medicine. “STIGMATIZED” is designed to help nurses realize their magic and empower them to build a lifestyle that supports their overall well-being.

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Ashley Wynn-Grimes MS, RN is the Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions(tm) and author of children’s book Asa’s Medicine. For more information about the author or Cannabis Nursing Solutions(tm) visit


Cannabis has been used in many cultures for generations but over the past decade, cannabis is growing in its use and popularity in America. “Stigmatized: A hero’s journey” provides an underrepresented perspective from a black female nurse whose an advocate for Cannabinoid Therapy. Diversity goes beyond the representation of races but is inclusive of various perspectives despite race, gender and sexuality.

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About Ashley Wynn-Grimes BSN, RN:

Ashley Wynn-Grimes BSN, RN is the Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC and author of children’s book “Asa’s Medicine.” Native to Baltimore, MD, Wynn-Grimes, a Black female entrepreneur and widely respected medical professional, Wynn-Grimes is dedicated to empowering patients and nursing professionals to make informed medical cannabis care choices with impactful educational medical programs that also serve to promote diverse representation and medical equality in cannabis.

A registered nurse for more than 12 years, Wynn-Grimes holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and Master’s Degree in Nurse Education from Towson University. She also has a certification in Professional Development and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. During her career, Ashley has worked in various healthcare settings, including telemetry nursing, quality improvement and professional development. She is responsible for pioneering non-traditional cannabis patient care programs in Maryland that offer standardized approaches to dispensing cannabis for nursing professionals and children in school settings.

Cannabis Nursing Solutions’ continuing nursing education activity is approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Through evidence, standardization and change management, Nurse Wynn-Grimes plans to fundamentally alter the way healthcare providers view medical cannabis.

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