MONTREAL, Canada /Publishers Newswire/ — Embvue Inc. (, a leading developer and provider of embedded software and systems engineering services & certifiable network products for both mission & safety-critical systems, has today officially launched its latest product – Prodigy. Prodigy is a scalable and configurable network integration tool suite that allows users to greatly simplify the deployment of AFDX, or other deterministic Ethernet, networks.

Following on from the successful introduction of A-Stack (Embvue’s DO-178B certifiable End System stack solution), Prodigy is the second of three AFDX products to be launched by Embvue. It has been designed from scratch to address the need for a simple, comprehensive, intuitive and efficient way to configure, integrate, optimize and deploy real AFDX networks for current and future aerospace applications.

“Embvue’s customers have been searching for a tool solution to enable them to more readily and cost-effectively take AFDX (or other deterministic Ethernet) system components and integrate them together into a deployable network that performs efficiently and in accordance with the AFDX specification,” said Phil Cole, VP Sales and Marketing at Embvue.

“Prodigy has been developed specifically to address these needs. It makes use of an intuitive, PC-based, Graphical User Interface (GUI) through which customers have the ability to configure the tool suite for their own needs and efficiently interact with both simulated and deployed networks.”

Prodigy is scalable. The core capabilities, all of which are accessed via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), include the ability to:
i) Model individual network components from multiple suppliers and save them to a database for future use.
ii) Model an entire network by combining pre-saved component models or creating new ones.
iii) Run a network simulation to examine network behavior under traffic load conditions and spot conflicts/jitter.
iv) Readily resolve conflicts/jitter through the simulation GUI interface without the need to manually edit configuration parameters.
v) Configure and edit individual network components (switches and End Systems) in the simulation model to examine the impact of configuration options on network performance.
vi) Validate all configurations against user-defined system requirements prior to committing to deployment.
vii) Automatically download configuration parameters to deployed network components.
viii) Run both static and real-time performance measurements on the deployed network and compare the results with the performance predicted in the simulated network model in order to assist in the performance optimization of the deployed network.
ix) Produce a variety of customizable reports.

This core functionality can be extended with a number of additional plug-ins or by the inclusion of customer-specified enhancements.

The beta version of Prodigy is available for demonstration commencing immediately.

About Embvue Inc:
Embvue is an experienced, process-driven, systems and software engineering company specializing in the provision of products and services for customers developing complex, real time, embedded systems, especially those that are either mission or safety-critical. Embvue’s team includes experts in deterministic networks, firmware, BSP’s, graphical interfaces, HMIs, dynamic system modeling, IV&V work and software engineering processes including all aspects of DO-178B, DO-254, Def Stan 00-55/00-56 and similar standards/requirements.

Embvue is able to tailor its own well-proven internal processes to match those of its customers providing a seamless, well integrated and low-risk project development and management experience aimed at helping its customers bring their projects and products to fruition on time and within budget.

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