HOUSTON, Texas /Publishers Newswire/ — TIC Interests, L.P. announces a new application: Nutty News for iPhone. The cost of the new application is 99 cents. With the new iPhone application readers will be able to read all of the bizarre and wacky news on their iPhone wherever they are. Nutty News for iPhone is updated all day everyday with new weird news stories from all over the world. When someone goes to Nutty News for iPhone, they will see all of the recent news story titles listed and a picture relating to the news story. If they are interested in a particular story, they can click on it and the news story will appear.

Nutty News for iPhoneEach news story contains a link for the reader to be able to read the full news article, if they wish. Readers then are able to use the “Back” button to go back to the list of news stories to choose another story to read.

The iPhone Nutty News is taken from TIC Interests, L.P.’s online publication, Nutty News Today, This online publication has entertained readers for years and has readers all over the world. Thousands of readers come back every day to read the true but weird and bizarre news stories. Readers are able to make comments on each of the news stories if they wish.

NuttyNewsToday and Nutty News for iPhone have new and unusual news stories all day everyday. The stories are both news and entertainment. The news may be funny, nutty or even serious, but it is definitely interesting and entertaining. They are all recent stories in the news which may shock or even amaze. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

As soon as a new news story is added to, it is also added to Nutty News for iPhone. Nutty News Today’s editors search the world every day for new and weird news stories. Many stories are from localities, so you will not see them on your regular news outlets.

TIC Interests, L.P. is located in Houston, Texas and has been in business since 1999. They have developed and own numerous commercial websites.

For information on Nutty News for iPhone, click on the “App Store” on your iPhone and search for: “Nutty News.”