DUBLIN, Ireland /Publishers Newswire/ — ParallelGraphics, the proven leader in 3D “Visual Know-How” authoring software to global OEMs, today announced that Nipponia, a worldwide motorcycle and scooter manufacturer has purchased its Cortona3D RapidCatalog software. Nipponia recognise the benefits an easily created interactive online Spare Parts Catalog will bring to its worldwide dealer network, who will be able to manipulate scooter images on the Web to order the exact parts, and send a purchase order via a Web shopping cart. But in addition, the deployment of the software will standardize spares manufacturing and ensure that strict quality standards are adhered to and an audit trail of all parts improvements is maintained.

“A year ago, we had an old system, an old parts book and no rules for coding, nomenclature or changes. These factors made manufacturing inefficient and it was obvious they would hamper globalization of Nipponia products,” said Alexandros Zountas, CIO, Nipponia Athens. “Our new models have totally new looks, performance and value. So the business package we show and provide dealers with must have equally impressive functions. RapidCatalog does everything we wanted, from helping us design and standardize new parts manufacturing, to smoothing distribution, to showing dealers we are truly serious about long-term, top-notch support.”

Nipponia’s factory sends them JT files from CAD which Cortona3D RapidCatalog imports. The output establishes the required consistent global framework on the parts source material so subsequent design, manufacturing, processes, and of course electronic literature can be streamlined and universally consistent.

“It’s a very, very simple procedure. To prove the point, although we have had very little time to prepare marketing material for the EICMA show, we were able to publish our initial catalog in time to show it and make a video demonstrating its capabilities. (See: ). We’ll show it continuously because we know dealers will notice the benefits. Many other companies in this niche don’t serve their dealers or aftermarket very well, said Alexandros Zountas, CIO, Nipponia Athens.

“We are delighted that Nipponia are so enthusiastic about the benefits that Cortona3D RapidCatalog will bring to their organization, their dealer network and their end users,” said Connell Gallagher, President, ParallelGraphics. “Our tools enable an on-screen, true-to-life, three-dimensional animation of any Nipponia scooter.

“Cortona3D is now an essential part and partner of our business plan,” says Zountas. “We expect to recycle our RapidCatalog information into RapidManual for a fully automated instruction manual compliant with modern teaching standards. This partnership is just beginning.”

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About Nipponia

Nipponia has been active in the motorcycle market for many years. The first company, Nipponia Boeki was established in 1992 in Saitama, Japan. Since then, it has been specializing in the international trade of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters and maintains a client network around the world, ranging from Southeast Asia to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Apart from Japan, Nipponia is present in the Dominican Republic (Nipponia Caribe CxA), in Venezuela (Nipponia Venezuela CA), in China (Nipponia Shanghai Ltd) as well as in Greece, where the headquarters are located. For more information please contact us at or +30 210 9328800 Visit us on the Web at .

EICMA 2008: Nov 4th – 9th Fiera Milano, Italy
Nipponia will present its new scooter range at the EICMA 2008 exhibition.

About ParallelGraphics

ParallelGraphics provides 3D visual communication and publishing software to equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Cortona3D open standards tools give authors the power to create interactive, animated 3D Product Documentation such as Maintenance Manuals, Spare Parts Catalogs and Interactive Training from existing CAD assets rapidly. Proven benefits are three times faster production, 80%+ cost savings, and improved quality. Customers include Boeing, Ford, GE, Bosch, ESA and Airbus. See: .

About Cortona3D RapidCatalog

Cortona3D RapidCatalog is the first “out of the box” toolkit for the fast and easy production of 3D Spare Parts Catalogs / Electronic Parts Catalogs (EPC) / Online Interactive Parts Catalogues. RapidCatalog uses 3D “explosions” to communicate complex assemblies that everyone can understand. Its interactive environment with drill down navigation improves the user experience and puts an end to ordering and purchasing errors, inefficiency and lack of productivity. See: .

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