SANTA CLARA, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — SecuGen Corporation is pleased to announce that Biometric Technologies, Inc. has integrated the SecuGen Hamster(TM) IV into BIOCLAIM(R), their flagship software product. BIOCLAIM is the only medical billing solution that provides biometric confirmation that a patient was actually present to receive healthcare services.

BIOCLAIM is a biometric patient authentication claim service that is the first patented program using biometrics to eliminate insurance fraud from phantom billing, which occurs when physicians bill insurance providers for visits by patients who never physically entered an office for treatment. With BIOCLAIM, patients can sign in by having the SecuGen reader scan their fingerprints. Prior to an insurance provider or Medicaid paying the bill, they review biometric proof that a given patient was at a given place at a given time, thus eliminating the capability of a provider to bill for a phantom patient.

BIOCLAIM harnesses SecuGen’s advanced fingerprint recognition technology to eliminate fraud in healthcare, Medicaid and insurance claims. “By using SecuGen fingerprint readers, we help health providers get their claims approved more quickly and assist insurance companies and governments to eliminate phantom billing fraud,” stated Scott Kimmel, VP of Sales for Biometric Technologies. Kimmel continued, “We selected the Hamster IV because of its ruggedness, accuracy, image quality and certification by the FBI as compliant with the government’s FIPS 201/PIV standard that was issued in response to 9/11.”

For healthcare providers, BIOCLAIM also provides a means of non-repudiation to biometrically prove that a patient spent a given amount of at the medical office. This helps reduce the chances of having their insurance claims denied or delayed based upon CPT time code constraints.

“We are excited about working with Biometric Technologies,” said Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen. “Their expertise in medical billing systems is unsurpassed. This deep understanding is reflected in the patents that they hold and is evident in the best-of-breed software that they have developed.”

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, “Our strategy has always been to partner with leaders in each market while bringing our expertise in developing state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology to bear. This partnership demonstrates the power of that strategy.”

About Biometric Technologies, Inc.

Biometric Technologies, Inc. ( focuses its technology expertise on the use of biometrics in the healthcare arena. Its flagship product, BioClaim(R), documents patient presence at the location where healthcare services are provided. The company is a privately held corporation with its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL and offices in Denver, CO.

About SecuGen

SecuGen Corporation ( is the world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms. Known for high quality, ruggedness, and performance in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions, SecuGen products are used by world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through a partner network of over 200 original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators around the world.

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