MOBILE, Ala. /Publishers Newswire/ — Pirate Island Press, an independent publisher of historical, medical and military fiction, announces the release of “The Jihad Germ,” a novel of bioterrorism and national security (ISBN: 978-0-9799326). The Jihad Germ questions what will happen tomorrow and illuminates the risks of advanced bioengineering and gene manipulation in the hands of religious extremists.

The novel is based on a frighteningly, well-funded group of the “Faithful” who plan to bring a U.S. city to its knees before Allah. They use modern biotechnology to create a new weapon that threatens the existence of military and civilian life.

The weapon reaches U.S. soil through international shell companies utilizing the porous, American port security system that is now in place.

Heroic figures in the novel include: Dr. Ron Raines and nurse Christie Fellows who provide critical care to those emergent victims who struggle for survival.

In addition, the Marine Chemical and Biologic Incident Response Force, and resources of the CDC’s Epidemic Outbreak Investigation Team also quickly react and pull together their strengths to provide a united front.

Readers will ask: Is this the end of attention from the fringes of religious extreme, or just the beginning?

“The remaining question is whether the next major attack on the U.S. will be chemical, biologic or nuclear,” author T.N. Rivers says. “Based on the economics of chemical and biologic agents and the limited availability of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the most likely scenario is a biologic attack through one of our small to mid-sized ports.”

Rivers, also an emergency physician and military officer, has written a novel that gives an in-depth look at the inner workings of the emergency medical, military, and intelligence resources available for the defense against an organized weapons’ of mass destruction (WMD) attack.

The political gamesmanship found in the novel’s WMD aftermath would be inevitable, based on the tremors occurring in the balance of world power.

Print versions of The Jihad Germ are available from the distributor, Atlas Books (, bookstores, book wholesalers, and online-book services.

E-Book downloads are available from the publisher’s web site at: The release of an AudioBrite-produced audio book version is scheduled for March, 2008.