LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — In a new documentary series on DVD, released by Gallery of Historical Figures(R), artist and raconteur George Stuart gives his take on the formative and often turbulent history of England. Murder, treachery, greed, love and hate punctuate the timeline, as the country evolves from Tudor absolutism into constitutional monarchy of Victoria.

For fifty years, Stuart has captivated audiences with his entertaining monologs about history’s famous and infamous personalities. His cast of characters is illustrated by his highly realistic sculptures called Historical Figures(R). Now his popular live presentations are being recorded and edited for DVD format. To complete each documentary, we see images of the Historical Figures as well as historical events and locations.

Tim Schiffer, Executive Director of the Museum of Ventura County states “George Stuart’s portraits of the British monarchy and their associated notables cover a huge span of history, and include such a varied cast of characters, that they represent one of the fascinating components of his work. Having these monologs available on DVD will allow those who have heard Mr. Stuart speak on the Russians and those who have not, to see these people again through his eyes.”

The eight-part English series opens with the ascendancy of Henry VII, the first Tudor ruler. He is succeeded by his son Henry VIII and granddaughter Elizabeth I. England breaks with Rome and moves toward Protestantism. The Stuart monarchies are interrupted by Cromwell’s short-lived autocratic republic. The Germanic Hanover dynasty section includes the four Georgian kings. The final two parts describe the life and times of Victoria and her court. Stuart’s style, humor and attention to historical fact make the DVD set appropriate for listeners of thirteen years or older.

Portrait-quality images and video clips of more than 50 English Historical Figures can be viewed at The “400 Years of English History” DVD set is available for $49.95 at the website Shoppe.

Documentaries of monologs of other historical periods are in planning stages, including Bourbon France, Tsarist Russia, Manchu China, America’s Founders & Patriots, Lincoln’s Era, Conquest of the West, and Renaissance & Reformation.

ABOUT THE ARTIST – Most of the George Stuart’s 400-plus Historical Figures(R) are in museums, including the Smithsonian Institution. In southern California, the Museum of Ventura County exhibits their collection of 200 Historical Figures on a rotating basis. Stuart works from the Gallery of Historical Figures, his studio in Ojai, California. See