CHAUMONT, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ — A book aimed at helping individual students walk a path through metaphysics, to understand and read sacred energies, learn from spirits, including loved ones in the Afterlife and practice astral projection, is the latest work of Mystic Spiritualist Robert Egby. Entitled “The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist – The Journey Home” (ISBN: 978-0-615-29196-3), the book sets new challenges for the individual Spiritualist, creating new thoughts and offering new philosophies for the future.

Quest of the Radical SpiritualistThe author weaves a kaleidoscopic path through the world of psychic energies and deep spiritualism that will entertain and nourish beginners and advanced questers alike.

This is not a book for passive spiritualists. It empowers the individual to tackle psychic challenges, mediumship and walking with Spirits and Angels. The best Spiritualist can be weighed down by the mechanical and negative ego, the False Self. Robert shows how to clean up the ego, live in the Here and Now, discover the Silence, and love yourself unconditionally – prime prerequisites for working with Spirits, and venturing into the higher realms of the Other Side and the Universal Mind.

The False Self is a major block to higher learning and communication with loved ones in Sprit and ascended beings. It limits our spiritual progress, including the way we see life and the Creator and being open to the unimaginable God Force. The book encourages the reader to create his or her own quest and find the truth on their own terms, not somebody else’s, and certainly not that dictated by the churches.

The author says: “Most religions, including Spiritualism, teach the past, reworking past events and suffering religious stalemates. The only future is a vaporous afterlife – Heaven, the Spirit World – promised after death.”

Mainline churches have deprived many of their flocks from ascending spiritual paths by barring them from spirit communications and higher learning. “This,” says the author “is tantamount to 1,700 years of spiritual abuse. At least organized Spiritualists try, but stop doing any serious research after delivering a few trite messages. We are now in the age of the individual, radical Spiritualist, personal development.”

Egby, a former journalist and award-winning news photographer, spent thirteen years covering Middle East turmoil. Years later, when studying metaphysics, he realized spirit voices had guided him, and several times had saved his life. A Quester is always open to good spirit voices, and the book shows the way how questers can listen, and even converse with spirit guides and loved ones. Egby includes many of his own dramatic and emotional experiences as a Quester.

The Quest is a workbook, a guide for the person who wishes to walk a metaphysical path to enlightenment and become attuned to the Universal Mind. It’s filled with practical, effective exercises on meditation, developing psychic gifts, working with spirits, conducting spirit rescues, developing astral travel and teaches the benefits of an open and a judgment-free mind.

Spiritualism is noted for its ability to teach people how to communicate with the so-called dead. Getting messages from loved ones in Spirit is fine, perhaps uplifting, but it does not necessarily lead to spiritual maturity. The human ego, — the False Self – found in many a Spiritualist and student of metaphsyics, can block avenues to spiritual consciousness, higher awareness and communication with God. Spiritual maturity will not be found in churches, Mainline or Spiritualist, it can only be achieved through the Quester’s own study and search for the Truth. Everything else is some other person’s theory.

When it comes to God, Spiritualists believe in “Infinite Intelligence.” If Spiritualism is to attract followers and be a thriving, meaningful spiritual movement, it must recognize a warm, meaningful, loving Force. But how does one love something so indescribable, so infinite. That is the purpose of The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist.

About the Author, Robert Egby

Robert Egby has studied and taught Mysticism and Metaphsyics for over thirty years. A former journalist and award-winning broadcaster in the Middle East and Canada, he trod the corridors of government public relations in British Columbia before settling in the United States. He is a Spiritualist-trained minister and now lives in northern New York State. He is also the author of “Cracking the Glass Darkly” which formed a background for his second book “The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist.”

The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist ($16.95) ISBN-10: 0-615-29196-1 and ISBN-13: 978-0-615-29196-3, published June 1st 2009 by Three Mile Point Publishing, Chaumont, NY. Information: or call 315-654-2060. Books are available from the publisher, most bookstores, and at Amazon.