Superfoods Author Stephanie Pedersen’s new book “Roots: The Complete Guide to the Underground Superfood” (ISBN: 978-1454921424; Sterling; paperback) is getting a Spring Back to Roots launch party March 20-27, 2017.

Roots: The Complete Guide to the Underground Superfood
“Roots are very grounding,” Pedersen says. “In these chaotic times, it’s more important than ever to ground ourselves in our lives so that we can do the work that we’re meant to do. Food can help us with that process.”

“Spring Back to Roots” features fresh, previously unpublished original content and insights about the benefits of incorporating nutritive, nurturing root vegetables into our everyday lives, she says.

Readers will join Pedersen at as she digs deep into the world of root vegetables as “nutritional powerhouses,” fueling personal and professional growth.

“Getting back to our roots reminds us of what’s important: our family, our community, and our traditions,” says Pedersen. “Our roots are an important part of who we are. Root vegetables are an important part of what we eat, because they give us a deep sense of connection.”

Stephanie Pedersen hosts “Spring Back to Roots,” a blog party celebrating the publication of “Roots: The Complete Guide to the Underground Superfood,” March 20-27, at

Stephanie Pedersen is a holistic nutritionist, food educator, corporate speaker, and host of two weekly radio shows, Your Big Life and The Superfood Moment. She is the coauthor of “Chia: The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood” and author of “Kale: The Complete Guide To The World’s Most Powerful Superfood,” “Coconut: The Complete Guide to the World’s Most Versatile Superfood,” and “Berries: The Complete Guide to Cooking with Power-Packed Berries” (all Sterling). Stop by YouTube for the family health series, Real Eating, starring Stephanie and her three sons.