ALBANY, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ — Sageous Press has announced the release of “Party Line” (ISBN 978-0-578-03593-2). a new novel by Peter A. Luber. This, Luber’s second foray into the realm of dreams, establishes a unique vision which serves not only to entertain but to enlighten the reader as to the depths of his or her own consciousness. The narrative of “Party Line” consists of the dreams of seven troubled, doomed, or inspired individuals. Each dreamer’s personality and experience form both the content and style of their respective chapters.

Party Line BookThis creates a reading environment that truly portrays, rather than simply describes, the nocturnes and relationships of the major characters. Though each character’s experience may be presented in a unique manner, the chapters are intertwined thoroughly, allowing a clear linear plot line and overall theme to emerge. Given the familiar clarity of this type of presentation, the reader will not avoid the sensation that they too have experienced the same surreal adventures that Lou, Alice, and their associates endure.

In addition to being a fascinating traditional read, “Party Line” offers another curiosity: its structure and use of deep-seeded archetypes allows the reader to open the book randomly and read any pages found to discover a perfectly unique personal experience. Read either way, “Party Line” offers a unique exploration of dreams, drama, life, death, and the human condition…and it is a great deal of fun! This is one book that should not be missed.

Luber, a life-long student of the metaphysics of dreaming, feels that this book finally represents the dreaming experience that many have tried, and usually failed, to portray in the past. “It needed to be written,” he says, “and I hope that when someone finishes my book he’ll feel a certain joy that he’s not alone after all.” Luber, who lives in semi-retirement in Amsterdam, NY, also produces fine art sculptures, which can be viewed at his website, .

“Party Line” (ISBN 978-0-578-03593-2) and “Oneironauticus” (ISBN 978-0-6151-8290-2) are available online at and Barnes and, or via download in e-book form from Feel free to sample his other work as well; you will not be disappointed.