MIAMI, Fla. /Publishers Newswire/ — If you want to think better and sharper, feel more confident and experience more well-being in your personal and business life, you’ll want to read the new book “Mind Chi” (ISBN: 978-1-906465-58-2, Wiley, 2010) by co-authors Richard Israel and Vanda North ( The intriguing new practice described in this just-released book was inspired by T’ai chi ch’uan, a Chinese martial art employed since ancient times for health and well-being.

Mind chi is a modern interpretation of T’ai chi created by the book’s co-authors, emphasizing mental exercises. It synthesizes positive psychology, mental wellness and eudemonics (study of happiness) into one easy-to-follow guide.

“If you’re willing to spend just eight minutes a day doing super simple brain exercises, your life can change completely,” said Richard Israel, co-author of “Mind Chi.”

“The eight steps of Mind chi are grounded in established theories of memory, mind and motivational development and neuroscience,” added Vanda North, the book’s other co-author. “Our techniques are designed to improve your control, willpower and focus with the end goal of enhancing success both in your personal and business life.”

The Mind chi process encourages you to ask: What is right about me, and how can I have more of it? How can I learn to direct my will to produce the outcomes I desire? Practiced for only 28 days, this new way of thinking transforms into a life-enhancing habit.

Each of the eight steps takes just one minute and can be employed throughout the day whenever convenient.

One example, designed to improve focus, concentration and clarity of thought, is called “One.” In One, you set a timer and silently repeat the word “one” until an intruding thought occurs. At that point say “two” over and over until another thought intrudes, at which point you say “three,” and so on. At the end of one minute note the number you reached. The goal is to be able to stay on “one” for 60 seconds with no other thoughts intruding. You will discover, the authors say, that the lower you are able to keep that number over time, the better you will find yourself concentrating and focusing throughout your day.

“Mind Chi” (ISBN-13: 978-1-906465-58-2) is available through, Barnes and Noble and many other bookstores nation-wide (Price $23.95).

About the Authors

Richard Israel is a consultant, international speaker, trainer and co-author with Tony Buzan of the best selling Brain$ell. He has lectured to over 100,000 people worldwide on business and sales techniques.

Vanda North is former president of the International Society for Accelerated Learning and Teaching and founded the Buzan Centres worldwide. She has authored several books and is a sought-after consultant by business, commercial and government organizations worldwide.

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