FORT WORTH, Texas /Publishers Newswire/ — If you have a friend or loved one who is ready for a new start, please consider the inspirational book “Getting Up & Starting Over” (ISBN: 978-0-9842743-0-7, Trading Life Publishing) by Steven D. Smallwood. Sometimes it takes a third party to speak the same things we speak to our loved ones over and over. In this 68 page inspirational book about starting over, in his own conversational approach, Steven shares his thoughts on getting up wherever you may find yourself in life’s journey.

According to the author, the smart thing about the book is that it doesn’t spend as much time talking about what past decisions or experiences placed you where you are today, but focuses through encouragement on now that you are there, what do you need to get up from where you are. It’s an easy to read book that anyone, at any level, can understand. In plain direct talk, the book’s aim is to show the reader that because life is moving, no situation has to be a permanent one.

The book is especially geared toward our loved ones who may feel that they are stuck in a rut with no way out, or our family and friends who may believe that the only choices they have are the ones within the environment in which they live. The book inspires the reader to look outside of their current circumstances and know that the wonderful experiences that others are having, could be just as much theirs, as it is those who are experiencing them.

And most important, the words on the pages reminds us of the law of attraction, and that even now, we all can find so much in and around our lives to be thankful for. That being thankful for what we already have, even if it’s small now, will draw more into our lives to be thankful for. It encourages us to stop focusing only our needs, and start sharing what we have with others. Even if our time is all we have to share, no one has to look far to find someone who really needs it.

In every chapter, the reader is reminded that the way to change their circumstances is to consciously change the way they think. Maybe the book is a simple reminder of the truth we already know, that we just need to hear again.

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