ATLANTA, Ga. /Publishers Newswire/ — The launch of the book, “Avoiding Sexual Dangers: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Child” (ISBN: 9781463772819), by psychologists and sexual abuse experts Dr. Medlin and Dr. Knauts, was announced this week by Protecting Kids LLC.

Medlin and Knauts have written a book to help parents answer questions of how to protect their children. If parents can’t even trust their son’s football coach, who can they trust?. They draw upon their 30 years of experience in working with sex offenders and sexually abused children. The book helps parents understand how sexual abusers select and “groom” children, thereby setting the stage to molest them.

This book has received positive reviews from both parents and professionals. According to Dr. Kimberley Bond, Program Director at Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services, “‘Avoiding Sexual Dangers’ is an excellent resource for parents and professionals.”

According to the publisher, “Avoiding Sexual Dangers” also helps parents:
* Spot potential sexual abusers;
* Avoid high-risk situations where their child is at increased risk of sexual abuse;
* Educate their child about sexual abuse so their child will know how to respond if someone tries to molest them;
* Recognize the signs their child may have been sexually abused; and
* Take steps to protect their child from sexual abusers, both online and in the community.

About Protecting Kids LLC:
Based in Marietta, Georgia, Protecting Kids is a publishing company formed by mental health professionals to create and promote materials designed to keep kids safe from the inherent dangers of the modern world. More information: .