Any Ol' Jack, by Jack DexterNEW YORK, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ — A new book, “Any Ol’ Jack” (ISBN: 061550521X; Kindle edition), is a self-help resource by first-time author Jack Dexter, that promises to inspire people who are confused about their sexuality. Dexter describes this engaging read as a “self-help book that will break people out of ‘the closet.'”

“Life is too short to not live it truthfully,” Dexter says. “In this book, I tell people what it’s like to live in the closet. While the book is technically a work of fiction, it is loosely based on many of my personal experiences.”

In addition to getting inside the mind of someone who has experienced this life firsthand, readers will also learn what it’s like to break out of this mindset and to test their limitations, take risks and act on their desires. It provides the stepping stones needed to begin living life outside the closet with confidence.

“Any Ol’ Jack” is currently available on Amazon for the Kindle; to date it’s sold 2,000 copies and has received great feedback and reviews.

One reader writes, “I think this book should be adapted into a movie. My gay friend told me how dead on it was with his life which got me interested. After reading it, I have a better understanding of how it feels to struggle with the identification of being gay and coming to terms with sexuality. This story has the ability to help a lot of people.”

Another reader shares, “This is a truthful, authentic story of finding yourself under all the layers of pride, sadness, and shame. It’s the type of story you wish you were a character in.”

“Any Ol’ Jack” is a highly-relatable, easy, and fast-paced read that promises to deliver hope and to provide lessons learned.

About the Author, Jack Dexter:

Jack Dexter has worked as a personal driver for some of the wealthiest people in the nation. And, it was while waiting for his clients that he started to write this book. He has a B.S. in marketing and lives on the Jersey Shore. This is his first novel; a second one is in the works.

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