SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — Goodwin Publishing, LLC recently announced the release of a new audio book and e-book, “Teaching English Abroad: A Financial Prayer Answered” (ISBN: 987-1937860202), by Jonathan Goodwin. According to the author, “This e-book and audio book is written for anyone who wants to explore the world while making money.”

“Teaching English Abroad” will show people how to step away from a 40-hour work week and to expand their horizons while helping others. It’s chock full of budget tables and tracks to show people how they can save a little or a lot.

It’s ideal for people who are about to graduate; are recent graduates; or for those seeking a career change. All that is needed is a B.A. or B.S. degree. “Teaching English Abroad” is the perfect gift for a recent graduate or someone about to graduate.

“It’s unfortunate, but the current job market in the U.S. and Europe is grim. As a result, many graduates are finding that they have to move in with their parents or take jobs out of their field that pay less – what many consider ‘underemployed,'” explains Goodwin. “Teaching abroad is the ideal alternative – people save money while exploring the world. It’s an ideal situation.”

Many view this to be the bible of teaching English in South Korea.

“It’s written for anyone who wants to take control of their career and life. I did it and I’m anxious to share what I learned with others. It’s a combination of self-help and how-to rolled into one,” adds Goodwin.

The book is comprised of 10 chapters: My Early Mistakes; A Visit to Korea Rising from the Ashes; Facets of My Life in Korea; Being an Educator; The Savings Mantra; More on Budgeting; Newcomers Ahoy; On the Basics of Learning and Teaching; Traveling in Korea; and Why Do you Need a Financial Education?

These chapters are filled with practical and proven tips that include general financial advice, teaching tips, traveler tips and more. The book will also alleviate any anxieties that people may have about teaching in South Korea.

Readers will learn how to find and apply for the trustworthy private and public schools that are currently hiring English teachers in South Korea. Foolproof tips likely lead to hiring.

And, readers who decide to pursue this career opportunity will get the experience of teaching; have free time to enjoy the country and live a stress-free and adventurous life; and have freedom to explore and live on their own. Basically, teachers who work in South Korea are getting paid to travel the world and to see some of the most exotic locations out there while still making enough money to pay off debt and live comfortably.

The first two chapters of “Teaching English Abroad: A Financial Prayer Answered” are free to download.

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or they can order the e-book and audio book combination for a flat fee of $19.95.

About the Author:
Jonathan A. Goodwin is a graduate of San Diego University. He taught in South Korea for three years. He earned the title and position of faculty manager, a title that is synonymous with “Headmaster.” He was in charge of all operations at a top-ranked private academy in South Korea; he knows what it takes to get hired and how to make it as a teacher in South Korea.

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