MIAMI, Fla. /Publishers Newswire/ — Stressed out at work? Having trouble managing all the information besieging you daily? Worried about your job and reinventing yourself if you had to? These are some of the common concerns of today’s businesspeople addressed in the new book “Mind Chi” (Wiley, 2010) by Richard Israel and Vanda North. “‘Mind chi’ is simply mental energy modeled on tai chi,” explained Israel, an international lecturer on business management in Miami, Florida. “We have thoughts occurring all the time, but most of us aren’t in control of them, so they go wherever they want and distract us from those things we should be giving our attention to.”

“At the core of this book is learning to gain control over your thoughts and direct them where they will be most effective. When your thoughts stop sabotaging you and your focus goes where it needs to be, you more effectively manage the demands and stresses of modern business life,” added North, who lives in England.

In that vein the co-authors outline mental strategies for 50 common business challenges facing frazzled, worried, ambitious, overwhelmed or time-starved subordinates and bosses.

“We’ve literally mapped each step to moving forward, managing challenges and keeping mentally and physically healthy,” said Israel,

For example, the “Job Smarts” section addresses the common concern of lack of job security.

It guides the reader to use unique techniques to transform unproductive thoughts such as “I’ll be the first to be fired,” to productive ones such as “I’m valuable here.”

Another section is an aid to writing reports and letters. It demonstrates how to stay on task to creatively map out what you want to say first, to clarify your thinking.

The 50 strategies featured in the book were chosen by the co-authors because they’re recurring themes encountered by them when giving business lectures and seminars world-wide.

Situations covered include:
Achieving goals, increasing creativity, managing change, running effective meetings, coaching skills, sales prospecting, coping with rejection, closing sales, beating the competition, accepting and giving criticism, actively listening, presenting effectively, preparing for job interviews, dealing with difficult people, improving memory, remembering names and faces, speed reading, taming e-mails, multi-tasking, calming stress, balancing work and home life, being a leader, staying positive and improving self-esteem.

The book contains eight one-minute mental exercises designed to give mind chi practitioners an edge over the competition. For a demonstration of one of these this techniques view the video:

About the authors:
Richard Israel is a consultant, international speaker, trainer and co-author with Tony Buzan of the bestselling Brain$ell. He has lectured to over 100,000 people worldwide on business and sales techniques.

Vanda North is former president of the International Society for Accelerated Learning and Teaching and founded the Buzan Centres worldwide. She has authored several books and is a sought-after consultant by business, commercial and government organizations worldwide.

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