DashBook Royalty Pro

Financial Softworks, LLC this week announced the release of its latest enhancements to DashBook Royalty Pro, and it makes creation and distribution of royalty reports cover the broad range needs of many different businesses. Although DashBook could upload reports to Box and Google Drive before, the new support for local synchronizing folders provides complete flexibility in choosing a preferred cloud service.

George Bryant IV, Client Services Manager for Financial Softworks, LLC proclaims that “The goal is to allow our customers to use the cloud of their choice. This offering will allow them to immediately leverage the distribution features of today’s cloud as well as allowing them to migrate to other cloud systems in the future as their requirements change.”

Regardless of current cloud storage provider (Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, DropBox or iCloud) DashBook Royalty Pro can create sales and royalty statements for any folder synchronizing system. Royalty recipients share in their respective folders to keep up with the latest financial information, and financial managers no longer need to send printed statements by physical mail or have them lost in email.

DashBook Royalty Pro can still batch email reports, but some find email to be less reliable, especially with all of the filters that may be in place. Having reports in the cloud allows both the royalty payer and receiver to review the exact same file, even at the same time.

Within DashBook, one can choose to include the date as part of the report file name, making organization and research of multiple period reports easy for all involved. Cloud storage systems today allow sharing with multiple parties, so agents can be included in the financials as well.

With costs for shared cloud storage continuing to plummet, this is the most economical and versatile means of getting royalty and licensing results in the hands of those who need it.

About DashBook Royalty Pro:

DashBook Royalty software is available for download from . The price for the single-user Pro system is $499 (US), while multi-user and SQL Server-based systems are available as well. QuickBooks integration is also an option.

About Financial Softworks:

Founded in 2003, Financial Softworks, LLC is a privately held software company based in Houston, Texas. They have continually expanded beyond DashBook’s original market of the book publishing industry to include music and film, as well as being able to support any other royalty or licensed property.

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