BEVERLY, Mass. — Unfortunately, the term “AMBER Alert” is becoming more commonplace. That’s why David Almeida, PI, has authored and released a new book called “Abducted Dreams” (ISBN: 978-1-606-96-261-9), in an effort to provide an insider’s view on missing child cases. According to the National Crime Information Center, as of December 31 2007, there were a total of 105,229 active missing person cases; juveniles under the age of 18 accounted for 54,648 or 51.93 percent.

PI David Almeida“Abducted Dreams” was written to not only address the practical and emotional needs of parents during times of great distress, but it was also written to educate and inform parents who may one day find themselves or a close friend or relative in this unfortunate situation.

It will give them the tools they need to take action and to better understand how the system works.

Reasons for child abduction are numerous. Some cases are quickly solved while others are much more complicated.

“As a result of years of working on missing child cases, I wanted to share my knowledge so people could benefit,” Almeida explains. “I also wanted to share my personal stories of successful recovery so parents know that there is always hope.”

“Abducted Dreams” covers a wide array of topics. It helps readers to navigate the maze of local, state and federal agencies that might get involved in the search and outlines what to expect. It discusses what the police department can and cannot do and it addresses what to expect when working with a private investigator.

It also offers reassurance. For example, readers will learn that a high percentage of missing children only stay away a few days, while many others stay with a friend or relative.

About the Author

David Almeida is the president of Bay State Detective Agency, Inc. ( In 1992, he graduated from Southern Vermont College with a degree in criminal justice studies. He received his license to be a Massachusetts private detective in 1995. His expertise includes complex fraud investigations, missing persons, background checks on businesses and individuals, locating hidden assets, and more.

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