NEW YORK, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ — Unique eighteen page booklet can be read in thirty minutes or less to accomplish your goals: “Rx For Success” by Marty Niedelman. Find out what principles thousands of people have used to accumulate wealth and acquire fame.

If an individual does certain things in a certain way, he or she can accomplish whatever they desire, according to author Marty Niedelman. Download his booklet for about the price of an appetizer, and you will become a changed individual.

Rx For Success bookMarty has done research over the past thirty years and has given you the substance that has been written in numerous motivational books, tapes, and lectures. It would literally cost you thousands of dollars to get the knowledge found in his “Rx For Success.”

In addition to making more money, Marty shows you how you can find romance, lose weight, and put more love in your relationship. In life, problems occur on a daily basis and we have to solve them in order to become successful. You will be able to overcome any obstacle you encounter in an easy step by step procedure. He also shows you how to overcome procrastination, which is an enemy of achievement.

Did you ever get a bill in the mail out of left field and you didn’t know how you were going to pay it? Marty shows you how you can acquire the money in a quick manner and stay out of debt.

For more information go to, and download at $9.99 or order hard copy online at $9.99 plus $5.00 S&H. If you can’t afford to buy a copy, Marty wants you to get one. Go to his website and click on CONTACT. Put in your information and he will mail it out for the price of shipping and handling.

It is his goal that everyone who reads “Rx For Success” will undergo a life altering change. He wants to help individuals help themselves to achieve their goals and elevate their position in life.

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