SALT LAKE CITY, Utah /Publishers Newswire/ — The second novel in the Iron Dragon Series by author Paul Genesse has been released by Five Star Books. The first novel, “The Golden Cord,” became the best selling fantasy book that Five Star has ever had; and book two, “The Dragon Hunters” (ISBN: 978-1-59414-659-6), has received much advance praise from reviewers. In “The Dragon Hunters,” the last of an order of dragon hunters must track down the dragon king’s daughter and stop her from getting the Crystal Eye, an ancient artifact that will cause the destruction of their world.

Dragon Hunters bookPublishers Weekly writes: “Genesse stresses the necessity of trust between races and cultures and the perils of bias and dissension, and the keeps the plot moving quickly….”

“Taut suspense and fantastic imagery make The Dragon Hunters a tale no fantasy fan will want to miss,” said Michael A. Stackpole, New York Times best selling author of the Star Wars novel, I, Jedi.

“In the midst of a fantasy, Genesse weaves in realistic themes of family and honor, prejudice and hate, love and redemption,” said Elizabeth Vaughan, USA Today best selling author of The Warlands Trilogy and Dagger-Star.

About book one, The Golden Cord, “This is a story that’s worth your time. It’s almost like going back to that first fantasy novel that totally captivated you and you read it over and over again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,” says Russell Davis, author, editor, and President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Download the first chapters of the Iron Dragon Series for free, listen to a podcast, or watch videos about the novels on Genesse’s website. The novel is available at 20 percent off the cover price from, and all bookstores are able to order it if it’s not in stock.

About the Author

Paul Genesse is the author of several short stories, six of which are featured in anthologies from DAW Books, such as Fellowship Fantastic and The Dimension Next Door. Genesse is also the editor of the free Writers’ Symposium Ezine and enjoys teaching writing to people of all ages during his frequent public appearances. He will be embarking on a 17 city book tour in the Fall of 2009. When not writing, he works as a cardiac nurse in a large hospital keeping the forces of darkness away from his patients.

The Dragon Hunters, Book Two of the Iron Dragon Series ($25.95) (ISBN-10: 1-59414-825-2, ISBN-13: 978-1-59414-825-5), was published in May 2009 by Five Star, an imprint of Gale, part of Cengage Learning. The book is available in hard back and is 441 pages in length.

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