NEW YORK, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ — Pamela Madsen, one of the nation’s most outspoken and recognized fertility educators and patient advocates, returns to the public stage with the launch of her new website and daily blog, The Fertility Advocate. The founder and former executive director of the American Fertility Association (AFA), Ms. Madsen has spent more than two decades on the cutting edge of policy and public education about infertility issues and treatment as well as fertility preservation and protection. She has developed a reputation for incisive, unflinchingly honest and often witty commentary and analysis. With The Fertility Advocate blog, she continues her ongoing quest to get accurate and timely information into the hands of consumers and media.

At, Ms. Madsen weighs in every day about rapidly unfolding scientific, medical, physical, political, social, environmental and economic aspects that affect every single person’s reproductive health and procreative capabilities. She tackles everything from the hidden effects of sexually transmitted diseases on fertility and the latest developments in reproductive medicine, to the fight for health care access and age-appropriate, scientifically accurate and culturally sensitive sex education.

Ms. Madsen brings the expertise she’s honed on the frontlines of fertility patient advocacy while serving as the executive director of the AFA and WorldFAM, a global initiative uniting dozens of patient leaders from around the world.

The singular perspective Ms. Madsen developed during these years gives her one-of-a-kind vision and voice that’s made her a sought-after authority on Capitol Hill in Washington, among federal regulatory agencies and commissions, and with the media.

Among her accomplishments, Ms. Madsen:

* Founded and led the American Fertility Association (AFA) in establishing itself as the premier patient advocacy organization for education and support surrounding fertility, infertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and childfree living. Her work in the field has been honored by other advocacy organizations including RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and the New York City Chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

* Represented patient issues in meetings with leaders from the National Institutes of Health, FDA, National Conference of State Legislators, the President’s Council on Bioethics and the Centers for Disease Control.

* Has spoken at the annual conferences for American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology and International Consumer Support for Infertility (iCSi), for which she also served as a board member.

* Spearheaded the launch of World Fertility Awareness Month, now known as WorldFAM, an international movement designed to increase public awareness about infertility.

* Has participated in more than 1,500 interviews with print, online, and broadcast media including appearances on Oprah, Dateline NBC, the Today Show and 60 Minutes.

* Coordinated an international study of fertility education and awareness among more than 17,000 women in 10 countries.

In addition to The Fertility Advocate, Ms. Madsen serves as the new Director of Public Education at the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM). In that position, she continues her mission to reach out to women and men, professionals and laypeople to shed light on the important role of fertility preservation and protection in the continuum of overall wellness and health.

Ms. Madsen has helped shatter the myths and taboos that surrounded infertility and its treatments. She is one of the leading voices for full reproductive rights for everyone regardless of marital status or sexual preference. She makes the biological clock – one of the most poorly understood aspects of reproductive life – a key element in her unique approach to fertility preservation education.

Beyond The Fertility Advocate blog and website, Ms. Madsen is taking fertility education to the doorstep of college campuses, local and national women’s organizations, professional groups, advocacy and religious organizations to make sure that women and men truly understand their reproductive lifecycles, their reproductive health and potential. She’s currently booking speaking engagements and presentations around the country. Please note that Ms. Madsen will not accept honoraria or other compensation for her appearances.