PALM HARBOR, Fla. /Publishers Newswire/ — This summer, Wealthy Taste Inc. ( launches its high-end directory of products and services with the goal of protecting businesses and consumers. “Deep inside, people want the very best from life and most are willing to spend extra to purchase that Louis Vuitton bag or wait to get a table at The Tavern On The Green. They make the sacrifice willingly, knowing they will be rewarded with an excellent product or service,” states Willie Garcia, CEO and President.

Wealthy TasteWealthy Taste Inc. is here to help consumers find those high-end products and services in a safe B2C platform. Unlike some directories that allow membership to anybody that applies or pays an enrollment fee, Wealthy Taste Inc. enforces strict guidelines when accepting new members. Example: winemakers have to offer at least one wine selection rated 90 points or higher and restaurants must offer at least 100 wine choices in their wine menu.

“We know that by screening new members we are forgoing fast growth, but we’d rather have slow growth with integrity than fast growth without it,” states Garcia.

By only accepting businesses of the same caliber, Wealthy Taste Inc. protects the reputation of its members, and as a result of this commitment, consumers can expect to receive only the very best products and services.

Beyond protecting businesses and consumers, Wealthy Taste Inc. recognizes and celebrates the joy of creating. This pure joy of creating that drove Michelangelo to spend years freeing sculptures from marble blocks and drove Beethoven to continue to write music while going deaf, is alive today in many of the artists listed at .

To celebrate the joy of creating, Wealthy Taste Inc. has dedicated the summer and fall seasons to present its “Did you know?” series – a collection of articles about living artists who have helped define art and culture in their field during the last few decades, such as Oscar Niemeyer, I.M. Pei, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and many others.

Wealthy Taste Inc. is kicking off the series with an interview with renowned international Architect Oscar Niemeyer, The Lover of Curves.