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Author and Auctioneer Kathy Kingston wins IAC Industry Award

HAMPTON, N.H. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Author Kathy Kingston was awarded the Chuck Cumberlin Memorial Sportsmanship Award at the 2012 International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) competition on July 20. Ms. Kingston is author of "Record-Breaking Fundraising Auctions Volume 1: 54 Auction Design Tips" (ISBN: 0-9774565-0-1) and "Volume 2: 54 Auction Night Tips" (ISBN: 0-9774565-2-8).

New Audio Book Edition, A Walk for Sunshine, by Jeff Alt

CINCINNATI, Ohio /Publishers Newswire/ -- A new edition of the best-selling Kindle edition and hardcover book, "A Walk for Sunshine" (ISBN: 978-0-9679482-3-2) was released as an audio book on June 5, 2012. What began as a solo Appalachian Trail (AT) adventure with bears, bugs, and blisters, has become an annual fundraising source for Sunshine, a home for the developmentally disabled in Maumee, Ohio. When author and speaker Jeff Alt embarked on his AT journey to raise funds for Sunshine, he didn't know that his journey would spark the creation of an annual event.

New Book, Any Ol’ Jack, by Jack Dexter – Exclusively in Kindle e-Book Edition

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ -- A new book, "Any Ol' Jack" (ISBN: 061550521X; Kindle edition), is a self-help resource by first-time author Jack Dexter, that promises to inspire people who are confused about their sexuality. Dexter describes this engaging read as a "self-help book that will break people out of 'the closet.'"

Now in Kindle e-book format: ‘Sarcophagus’ by Jean-Pierre Chevalier

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ -- "Sarcophagus" by Jean-Pierre Chevalier (ISBN: 9780595676781; ebook: ISBN: 9780595836185), an underground classic and compelling literary phenomenon, read by patient advocates and would-be whistle-blowers, is now available in Kindle Edition format.

New Book, We Can Do, by Moshe Kai Cavalin – Breaks Amazon Top 100

MORGAN HILL, Calif /Publishers Newswire/ -- In March of 2012, 14-year old author Moshe Kai Cavalin's 'We Can Do' (ISBN: 978-1618630452; paperback), published by Bookstand Publishing, made Amazon's Top 100 list, showing how successful an author with a dream can be. Moshe Kai Cavalin's inspirational story asserts that he is not a genius, but rather, that every youngster can, with good planning, a strong heart, hard work, and a resilient mind, succeed beyond all expectations.

New Audio Book, Teaching English Abroad, by Jonathan Goodwin

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Goodwin Publishing, LLC recently announced the release of a new audio book and e-book, 'Teaching English Abroad: A Financial Prayer Answered' (ISBN: 987-1937860202), by Jonathan Goodwin. According to the author, 'This e-book and audio book is written for anyone who wants to explore the world while making money.'

Kid2Kid, Keepin’ it Safe Online – eBook given away as tie-in with BULLY movie premiere, by and Jackie Fame

CHARLOTTE, N.C. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Jackie Fame, Inc. (FAME), the leading kid/teen social network, is joining forces with The Weinstein Company to promote the movie 'Bully.' With every 'Bully' ticket purchased through FAME will provide a free download of its book 'Kid2Kid, Keepin' it Safe Online' (ISBN: 978-0675500256) made available for the NOOK and Kindle eBook formats.

New Book, The Easter Bunny That Grew Up, by Gretta Parker

WASHINGTON, D.C. /Publishers Newswire/ -- A new children's book, 'The Easter Bunny That Grew Up' (ISBN: 978-1468554960; paperback; AuthorHouse), by Gretta Parker with illustrations by Maya Tolliver, pays tribute to a little rabbit that captured the hearts of people around the world on Facebook and the contributions he made to rabbits in rescues and shelters.

New Audio Book version of ‘Equinomics 101’ published by Rockwood Enterprises

HOUSTON, Texas /Publishers Newswire/ -- Rockwood Enterprises, Inc. announced this month the launch of a new audio book edition of 'Equinomics 101' by Richard B. Dicks, CPA - a management and record keeping system designed to teach horse owners and horse-related businesses how to efficiently manage their finances.

Author Peggy Orenstein Dissects Today’s New ‘Girlie-Girl Culture’ at Dallas Event

DALLAS, Texas /Publishers Newswire/ -- Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas will hold a lecture, 'What is a Girly-Girl?' on Feb. 1, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. in partnership with The Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture. Author Peggy Orenstein will discuss today's girly-girl culture that influences them from infancy onward.

US Dept. of State Announces Publication of 2010 Digest of United States Practice in International Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. /Publishers Newswire/ -- The Department of State is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the 2010 Digest of United States Practice in International Law, covering developments during 2010.

Holiday 2012 Calendar, Pin-Ups for Ron Paul, by Juliet Annerino

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Independently produced and not affiliated with the official Ron Paul Campaign, the new 'Pin-Ups for Ron Paul' 2012 calendar features a sexy collection of female activists who believe this is the most innovative way to spread the message of presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

Grand Finale of Konrad Ventana’s Post-Lux Trilogy Wins ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Rising Star’ Distinctions

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Konrad Ventana's new novel, 'Questing for Uberjoy' (ISBN: 9781462029532), provides a 'compelling journey of discovery for savvy postmodern readers,' revealing vital facets of creativity and achievement through the transformative artistry of literary fiction.

New eBook Series starts with, Book 1: Your 181 Goodie Bag Gifts From God, by Linda Glas

SAN DIEGO, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Unexplained thoughts and sensations await readers of "The 22 Best Kept Secrets of All Time," a new 22-book set of beautifully illustrated e-books, holding within a lifetime of "searching, learning, and discovering" by author Reverend Linda Glas. The first title is: Book 1: Your 181 Goodie Bag Gifts From God (ISBN: 978-0984316-04).

New book, Avoiding Sexual Dangers: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Child, by Drs. Medlin and Knauts

ATLANTA, Ga. /Publishers Newswire/ -- The launch of the book, "Avoiding Sexual Dangers: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Your Child" (ISBN: 9781463772819), by psychologists and sexual abuse experts Dr. Medlin and Dr. Knauts, was announced this week by Protecting Kids LLC.

PMLA Authors Speak on Collaborating for Community Effect and Donate Book Sales to Local NonProfit

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Dr. Daryl D. Green and Ms. Noriko Chapman, of PMLA, say that many college students do not make a connection between class instruction and the reality of practical living. However, a local professor along with his former students hopes to share their story to assist others during the economic downturn. Chapman's new book, "Second Chance: An In-depth Case Study on Nonprofit Organization's Resource Allocation and Operational Maximization" (ISBN: 978-1453686263) is co-authored by her LMU professor, Green.

New book, Black Box Casino, by Robert Stowe England – and Book Signing at MBA Annual Convention

CHICAGO, Ill. /Publishers Newswire/ -- Author and finance expert Robert Stowe England will host a discussion and book signing event for his soon-to-be released...

New Photo Book and Book Signing, ‘Portraits of Aloha Hope,’ by Sohee Chu

KAILUA, Hawaii /Publishers Newswire/ -- In her new book, 'Portraits of Aloha Hope,' local photographer Sohee Chu captures the motivation behind 23 women who live in transitional clean and sober houses provided by Women in Need (WIN) in Hawaii. 'Each woman's story is different but the images and words portray a similar spirit of courage and strength,' says Chu.

Teen Comic Book Author Teams with Noted Manga Artist Jason Dube: The Night Owl takes wing against Bullying

Award-winning American teen comic book author and publisher Jake Tinsley has taken on another tough subject for kids - both tweens and teens - bullying at school and at home. Again teaming with 'Manga' artist Jason Dube, Tinsley's character 'Night Owl' takes wing to fight this crime that affects so many kids.

KidSpirit Magazine Online joins Finalists in AEP Golden Lamp Awards 2011

BROOKLYN, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ -- KidSpirit, the online magazine and social networking site for 11- to 15-year-olds, announced today that it has been named...

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