SUZHOU, China /Publishers Newswire/ — PrettyMay Inc. announces the launch of a new Skype PBX software that allows users to set up different phone systems for multiple small businesses – it’s the new Skype business solution. Building business solutions for Skype, the PrettyMay Skype PBX/Phone system for Windows is a software-based IP telephone solution that can make and receive calls over the Internet and provides a range of common PBX features. No special hardware is required, just a reasonably well-specified Windows PC.

Our software is the exclusive Skype-certified PBX software for Windows, specifically designed for small-business use,” Lei Fu, president of PrettyMay Inc. says.

A single SkypeIn number acts as the central incoming phone number. However, the PrettyMay Skype PBX phone system can answer up to 30 concurrent calls at the same time; receptionists can use their Skype on computer or Skype phones to answer calls anytime, anywhere.

It is flexible for multi-office locations or for home agents. And, flexible growth allows small businesses to set up to 500 extensions; it grows as the business grows.

In terms of functionality, PBX delivers. Skype PBX software includes an auto-attendant; interactive voice response (i.e., press one for sales; press two for support); voicemail with e-mail notification; on-hold music; and more.

Skype PBX software also saves small businesses money. One client said that their phone bill went from $600 per month to $36 per year.

Set up is easy. Unlike other telephone systems, PrettyMay Skype PBX/Phone System is easy to install and saves time and money. And, with its easily-configured settings, moving employees or changing the way the phone system handles calls is a snap.

So, how does it work?

“Customers call the SkypeID or SkypeIn number. Our Skype PBX phone systems automatically answer the call, and leads the caller into the built-in IVR system, and then transfers the call to the appropriate agent/staff depending on the button the caller pressed,” Fu explains.

With Skype PBX software, small businesses can be confident that calls will not get lost and they will always be easy to contact.

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