SANTA BARBARA, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — A new book, “Why People Don’t Buy New Homes” (ISBN: 978-0692014387; Sales Superiority Publishing), proposing a solution to improve the numbers of new homes being sold, has just been announced by author Steve Weston, a new home salesperson with 30 years experience. This book makes the case that it is possible for builders and their own salespeople to re-energize their sales efforts and improve their sales, and is a radical departure from the normal “new home sales training” books.

Weston convincingly demonstrates how to do this through a shift away from a “product orientated” sales approach to a “buyer orientated” sales approach. Its intriguing title “Why People Don’t Buy New Homes,” seems to contradict its own goal. But as you read, you will understand that the author has actually discovered a potent methodology for selling new homes, by searching out and finding the correct answers to why people don’t buy new homes.

Since the vast majority of visitors to a new home community don’t buy the new homes, finding out why these people don’t buy, opens up this vast population of potential prospects. In clear and realistic dialogues, the author lays out the exact words and phrases to use with the various types of prospects.

For the first time the use of Transactional Analysis is employed in a sales context. But the reader will be also be surprised to see Aristotle’s concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos, discussed, and carefully employed to sell even the most difficult of prospects. You can now see that it was no exaggeration to say this book is “a radical departure from the normal sales training books.”

Moreover, using Transactional Analysis the author clearly demonstrates simple methods for overcoming the prospect’s fear in today’s selling environment. The reader will learn completely new, and effective techniques to overcome today’s most pressing objections, including a fear that home prices might go down.

At the website promoting the book – – you can read a chapter of the book and the book’s preface for free.

According to the copy on the back of the book:
You don’t need lower prices, more incentives, or more advertising, and you don’t need more traffic to sell new homes in this market. You just need to do more with the traffic you have. This massive 514 page book, “Why People Don’t Buy New Homes,” written by Steve Weston, offers a refreshingly different approach to selling new homes that is simple, easy to learn, and overwhelmingly effective. This different selling method has, in fact, been used by the author for over 23 years to sell the most challenging homes, in the worst markets, under the most difficult of circumstances.

After a brief explanation of the forces acting on the buyer’s attitudes, the author lays bare the main cause of buyer resistance. Once identified, explicit, real-world dialogues completely and unequivocally demonstrate the ease and power of the application of elementary psychology to harnessing, then redirecting, and finally eliminating the negativity and resistance in today’s new home buyers