DENVER, Colo. /Publishers Newswire/ — Personal branding expert Lida Citroen has announced the release of her new book, “Reputation 360: Creating Power Through Personal Branding” (ISBN: 978-0-9831690-0-0, Palisades Publishing). The book takes you through Citroen’s process for identifying, developing and disseminating a strong personal brand in order to attract opportunities of all kinds.

“Everyone has a personal brand, because we’re all known for something,” says Citroen, principal of LIDA360, LLC, a branding and marketing firm . “You may not be known for what you want to be known, but you are known for something. And ultimately that brand is your legacy.”

In her book, Citroen shows you that similar to a product brand; your personal brand tells the world what they can expect when working with you. Personal branding is a powerful but under-utilized tool in marketing oneself to the world.

Lida Citroen, an internationally regarded branding expert, has spent more than 20 years creating standout strategies for public and private companies and their leaders. Her clients range from CEOs making a career change, to newly graduated college students, to disabled American veterans returning from war.

“Reputation360” takes readers through the Citroen’s proven process. Chock-full of personal stories and case studies, the book outlines the steps necessary to discover what you’re known for, identify the values that make you unique, and leverage your authentic personal brand for success.

Her book helps readers position themselves for opportunities with tools such as:
– A compelling elevator pitch;
– An intentional circle of influence;
– A powerful image and style;
– Body language that works;
– An online reputation that gets you noticed.

“Taking control of your personal brand ensures your success because it enables you to reveal your true self to the world, while at the same time distinguishing you from the competition,” says Citroen. “It also enables you to create an emotional connection with your target audience so you can be more focused and efficient. Most importantly, it enables you to build credibility with the people that matter most. That’s what personal branding is all about.”

About Lida Citroen:
A recognized speaker, writer and chief marketing officer, Lida Citroen has been helping businesses and professionals uncover and develop their true brand value for more than 20 years. As founder and principal of LIDA360, she helps her clients tap into their unique brand assets to produce effective and measurable marketing programs, increasing success and reducing costs by improving brand authenticity, consistency and integration. With a contagious passion for quality, her methodology and approach are both innovative and practical.

“Reputation 360: Creating Power Through Personal Branding” is available for purchase online at .