MORGAN HILL, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — Bookstand publishing this week announced a new book by author Richard (R.R.) Bruno, “ICEWINE” (ISBN: 978-1-58909-799-5; paperback). This new novel is a fast-paced action adventure that takes the reader from the last days of Hitler’s Germany to a modern day treasure hunt involving world travel, exotic cuisine, and wine.

The “ICEWINE” adventure begins when Alex James and his friends place the winning bid on a rare 1939 icewine (or ice wine) which was once owned by Herman Goring, second in command to Adolph Hitler. By luck, the group uncovers a microfilm on the underside of the label that was hidden by Goring. The microfilm contains a clue to a fortune he hid during the waning months of the war; a fortune that would be used to begin a new Reich.

The group is able to crack the code, setting off a cross-country search for hidden treasure in Europe. What Alex and friends do not know is that there is a group of Nazi-killers who are after the icewine – and they will not rest until they have it.

A FREE three chapter preview of this action packed adventure book is available at along with a special, limited time introductory offer, of only $10.95 for the paperback edition.

“Prepare for a thrill as ‘ICEWINE,’ by R.R. Bruno, takes you on an adventure that includes elements of history and world travel, mystery, exotic cuisine and wine; and Europe, which is Bruno’s native country,” says publishing guru Todd Rutherford. “Overall, this is an absolute must read, with a climactic confrontation comparable to that of Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and Michael Crichton’s ‘Timeline.'”

The book is also available for $15.95 on: and .