ATLANTA, Ga. /Publishers Newswire/ — Author Quincella C. Geiger, announces the release of her new book, “Bringing Home the Baking,” (ISBN: 978-0-615-14518-1) that reveals the secrets to setting up a successful home-based baking business. Starting a business can be expensive, but starting a home-based baking business is smart and cost-effective. It enables the business owner to try out their products in the market place, build their business skills, and acquire an understanding of what it takes to eventually open a business outside the home.

“I’ve been asked many times ‘How did you get your business started from home? How did you get a business license? Where did you find equipment? Where do you purchase supplies?'” author Quincella C. Geiger explains. “So, I decided it was time to write it all down and provide the information in one comprehensive, easy-to-understand book.”

When starting the book, Geiger had a good base to work from having answered hundreds of emails and personal questions. She had also created a collection of resource booklets and catalogs.

While there are many books on the market that address the food business and restaurant start-ups, there is minimal information on how to start a home-based baking business.

“Bringing Home the Baking” is that book. It is a step-by-step guide that starts with the basics and encourages careful planning before spending money. It takes the reader through the start-up process and ends with the reader being ready to open for business after approval from the health/agriculture department.

Throughout the book, Geiger shares personal experiences and knowledge. She writes about purchasing supplies; how to create the best products; how to find the best recipes; and how to find customers through marketing and advertising. She also addresses how to provide excellent customer service; and ways to maintain hard-earned accounts.

“One of the most important chapters in the book is ‘Where to Find It'” Geiger says. “When I started my business, I spent many precious hours and days searching for specialty ingredients, packaging supplies, baking pans at wholesale prices, user-friendly tools, and more. If this information had been available, it would have saved lots of time, money and frustration.”

“Bringing Home the Baking” is brimming with sources and contact information; baking entrepreneurs will only need a phone and Internet access.

Prior to writing “Bringing Home the Baking,” Geiger had a love and fascination for baking that all started in her grandmother’s kitchen. Throughout the years, baking and collecting recipes continued to be favorite hobbies. And, while she had a full-time job, baking was quickly taking over.

In 1985, Geiger resigned from her full-time job and opened Unique Occasions, an Atlanta-based baking business. She started off small and featured a variety of frosted cakes, cheesecakes and pound cakes. As time wore on, she continued to add an array of other items and branched out into the food and gift industry providing specialty desserts and gourmet gifts to restaurants, dessert cafes, delicatessens, hotels, private clubs, colleges, hospitals, commercial real-estate management companies, television news anchors, and some of the most prestigious corporations at the Atlanta Financial Center.

Currently, “Bringing Home the Baking” is available via the web site at: and at MEDU, an Atlanta book store; on; and at Direct South, Inc., – a food service equipment and supply center.

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