PHILADELPHIA, Pa. /Publishers Newswire/ — At the AIIM International Exposition and Conference (Booth 344), March 30 – April 2, 2009, in Philadelphia, LuraTech will demonstrate its LuraDocument(R) PDF Compressor solution ( and an improved Form Recognition Module that has been expanded to include free-form recognition. These new capabilities enable users to eliminate many manual processes, including pre-sorting, and supports streamlined conversion of complex, multi-page documents.

LuraTech“The addition of an integrated free-form recognition tool now makes our PDF Compressor with Form Recognition Module an all-in-one product for processing incoming documents,” said Mark McKinney, LuraTech’s president. “Our software has expanded to include all the functions necessary to cover the entire sequence from scanner output to export for long-term archiving, including classifying and reading documents, compression, conversion to PDF and PDF/A, full text OCR and electronic signature integration.”

How Free-Form Recognition Works

With free-form recognition capabilities, specific data – even if it appears in different places on the page from document to document – can be recognized and extracted, supporting automatic classification of semi-structured documents. By including free-form recognition in the Form Recognition Module, the LuraDocument PDF Compressor can identify and sort a wide variety of documents, such as invoices, read and extract the appropriate information from the documents and then prepare this information for input into other applications, such as merchandise management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

With this upgrade to the Form Recognition Module, LuraTech is moving beyond a solely template-based approach. The LuraDocument PDF Compressor with optional Form Recognition Module provides numerous new features, including the ability to:

1) Identify data anywhere on the page as a result of more flexible recognition rules;

2) Read lists, even if they continue on to subsequent pages on multi-page documents, such as invoices; and

3) Combine individual data fields that are dependent on other fields, such as street, city, state and zip code for addresses.

This latest version of the Form Recognition Module also includes an easy-to-use Form Designer, which enables users to define the recognition rules and fields to be read. Documents are then optionally classified and sorted by document type before their content is read and converted to XML files. This document-oriented approach enables the Form Designer to produce a XML files containing all information, even from multi-page documents, which PDF Compressor uses to produce the final results.

LuraTech also offers its Form Validator correction tool, which enables users to quickly correct recognition results and verify extracted data. If needed, documents can be post-processed manually, resulting in a recognition rate of 100 percent. As a result, even fields requiring manual entry can be recorded effectively. The Form Validator can be combined with any number of independent local post-processing workstations to ensure high throughput.

The Form Recognition Module, including free-form recognition capabilities, can be purchased as an optional feature for the LuraDocument PDF Compressor.

Demonstration at AIIM 2009

LuraTech will demonstration its new Form Recognition Module and free-form recognition at Booth 344 during the AIIM International Exposition and Conference, March 30-April 2, 2009, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

About LuraDocument PDF Compressor

LuraDocument PDF Compressor enables conversion of color, grayscale or black-and-white scanned documents into high-quality, highly compressed PDF and PDF/A files. Using LuraTech’s best-in-class, mixed raster content (MRC) layered compression technology, documents can be reduced up to 100 times smaller than their original size, while maintaining superior image quality and text legibility. These optimized compression results in lower storage costs and reduced bandwidth requirements. LuraDocument PDF Compressor also offers an integrated ABBYY OCR engine for full text search capabilities in all PDF and PDF/A files.

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About LuraTech

LuraTech is a leading provider of software products that simplify the complex process of converting and managing scanned documents and digital image content. With a strong belief in value innovation, LuraTech develops open, ISO-compliant JPEG2000 and PDF/A solutions that are easy to implement and deliver an immediate return on investment. LuraTech’s products are widely used in a number of industries, including cultural heritage, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, legal, libraries/digital archives, manufacturing, museums and scan services.