MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — Gen-9, Inc. announced today the release of StratoVista – Google Edition v1.0. StratoVista is a powerful, Internet centric, personal information management (PIM) application. It provides users with unique capabilities, including the ability to use Web based services in lieu of the functions provided by an enterprise email client/server solution such Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server. “StratoVista is designed to be to Google Web Services what Outlook is to Exchange Server,” said Gen-9’s President and CEO Mark A. Fauci.

StratoVista“This version of StratoVista can exchange email, appointments, contacts, documents, photos and other data with Google’s free Web Services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Blogger, Google Docs and Picasa. Future versions of StratoVista will add interfaces to other important web services from Google as well as other vendors. We believe that StratoVista will fill an important niche for both enterprise and non-enterprise users who are looking for a low cost alternative to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server products, especially those using alternative office suite products that don’t provide an email and calendaring application, such as Open Office.”

A feature comparison – StratoVista vs. Outlook vs. Lotus Notes – is provided at

StratoVista is designed to operate as an independent personal information manager, as an Internet mail client or in conjunction with Google Web Services. StratoVista runs on the user’s computer and includes a database that permits the local storage of data. StratoVista’s is designed from top to bottom with features to help users regain control of the ever growing flood of information including our powerful patented tools such as:

1) The Email Download Controller, which permits users to selectively downloads only those emails that meet certain criteria that they define. It leaves the rest of the emails on the server for future use or will delete them from the server if preferred.

2) The Topic Creation Feature, that allows users to create special “data containers” that automatically collects emails from a specific sender and/or with a specific subject and places them, in order of receipt, in a project management styled Gantt Chart, Calendar, Day Book and/or folder.

3) The Compass takes user defined, high priority information, and places it all on a single screen.

StratoVista – Google Edition v1.0 is available for Microsoft Vista and XP at

About Gen-9, Inc.

Gen-9, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, is privately held. It was founded in 2005 to develop easy to use software tools that enable more productive use of the Internet.